A study conducted in 2000 at the ASVAK Laser Center in Ankara, Turkey comparing alexandrite laser and electrolysis for hair removal on 12 patients concluded that laser hair removal was 60 times faster, less painful and more reliable than electrolysis. It is important to note that the type of electrolysis performed in the study was galvanic electrolysis, rather than thermolysis or a blend of the two. Galvanic current requires 30 seconds to more than a minute to release each hair whereas thermolysis or a blend can require much less. This study thus did not test the capability of all forms of modern electrolysis.[15]

Stubble along the bikini line can be a constant struggle during the summer months. If you're tempted to zap it for good, consider laser hair removal treatments from a board-certified dermatologist. You'll need about 5 to 8 of them, and then you'll be practically hair-free down there, barring any stray hairs that pop up down the road (those can be removed in quick yearly touch-up visits). The next best thing (and for a lot less dough): Shaving. Contrary to popular belief that a bikini wax is a must, Dr. Bowe says that shaving is actually better suited to the delicate skin in that area, and will cause less ingrown hairs than waxing. The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor ($14, ulta.com) includes a razor and trimmer in one for all your ladyscaping needs.
Experience More Hair Removal Products from Nair Get ready to bare more and wear less, Nair Lotion with Cocoa Butter will beautify your skin. With a seductive scent and skin-nourishing ingredients, this hair removal lotion lasts days longer than shaving and is infused with natural cocoa butter. Works in as little as 3 minutes. Dermatologist tested. Get ready to bare more and wear less, Nair Lotion with Baby Oil will beautify your skin. This fresh-fragranced hair removal lotion lasts days longer than shaving and is infused with skin softening baby oil. Works in as little as 3 minutes. Dermatologist tested.
Most lasers used for hair removal target melanin, or pigment, and are therefore designed to burn structures that contain melanin. The more melanin, the more damage. Laser hair removal works best for light-skinned people with dark hair. As with electrolysis, laser hair removal is also more effective in removing hairs that are in the anagen phase. Laser treatments must be repeated.
Regardless of whether you want to alter your hair-removal style for your legs, bikini line, or underarms; depilatory creams, sugaring, laser removal, and electrolysis are all options to consider in addition to the more common shaving and waxing. Of course there are alternatives like tweezing and threading, but these generally work best for the face due to the time required and longevity they offer. So if you've ever been curious about the different types of hair removal that can be more easily used wherever you want to rid yourself of some fuzz, here's everything you need to know about shaving, depilatory cream, waxing, sugaring, laser removal, and electrolysis; and how they stack up against one another on the factors of pain, cost, and longevity.
The current list price of each Product as of a given date can be found on the Company's website at http://www.triabeauty.com, and the Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change the price of any one or more Products. In addition, the Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to add or remove Products from the Program.

This is Philips’ fastest epilation device, with more power and tweezing actions to remove even finer hairs. You can stay hair free for weeks, and you can use this model on your legs, arms, bikini and even your face. Plus, it’s a 2-in-1 device, meaning you can use a shaver on your more sensitive areas if you prefer, and it has 5 attachments in total to give you everything you need to stay smooth and silky.
EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL device gives you safe, effective treatment with very fast treatment times, without compromising on results.  It can give you permanent hair reduction in just 4 weeks. Save yourself a huge amount of time and treat even large areas (such as a lower leg) in just 8 minutes! With fast, precise treatments and different energy settings, we think this is a great choice for your at-home IPL hair removal.
Considering multiple sessions are often needed to fully stop hair growth, it's not exactly a cheap treatment. But if you like to have hairless skin, imagine using razors or heading to the salon for a wax for the rest of your life — when you think of how much all that costs, laser hair removal can be seen as more of a longterm investment. Plus, some service providers offer packages for clients purchasing several sessions at once, so be sure to ask about any specials available.
"We ask that you shave the area you are treating beforehand so that the laser can penetrate into the root of the hair — not target or singe any hair on or outside the skin," advises Sharoff. She is very specific about the shaving aspect of this prep work for a reason: "You should not wax, tweeze, or bleach any hair one month before your session because the root needs to stay intact in order for the laser to effectively destroy the hair."

Incredibly tiny hairs cannot be grabbed by the tweezers from your epilator or any epilator, no matter what model. With waxing it’s the same. You’re never going to get 100% hairs-free skin. The important thing is to get a smooth skin and those tiny hairs aren’t visible anyway. I epilate once every two weeks in the summer so that’s satisfying from my point of view. That’s what matters. Thanks for stopping by once again!

Thank you for your write-up. It’s really helpful. I just have a couple of questions. I want to buy tria and I was wondering if they need cartriges and where I can find them. Second question is about the numbing cream. Do I need one if I get the tria cooling gel or is this the same thing? And when do I use the anticeptic wipes – before or after? Thank you.
In the United States, during the Vietnam War, conservative students would sometimes attack student radicals or "hippies" by shaving beards or cutting long hair. One notorious incident occurred at Stanford University, when unruly fraternity members grabbed Resistance founder (and student-body president) David Harris, cut off his long hair, and shaved his beard.
Hey Kristina, there is no device or system that can guarantee total permanent hair removal. For example, the products reviewed can only claim ‘permanent reduction in hair growth’ under FDA rules. See this FDA document for example. That said, depending on the individual and the density of hair on the areas used, a result close to permanent removal is possible. I personally saw an 80% (just a rough estimate) reduction in my underarm hair growth after 2 months of treatment – the new hairs that grow out are much less dense and thinner. Though I still do maintenance treatment from time to time, I get a sense that compared to before I did treatment, the reduction is stable and would remain for a long time even if I stopped treatment completely. My sister, on the other hand, who did treatment for her legs, even though she also saw good reduction in density overall, still sees quite a number of errand hair strands that seem to be quite stubborn and grows back, so she has to do more regular maintenance to get rid of those strands.
A CONVENIENT AND FAST HAIR REMOVAL TOOL Permanent Hair Removal by Electrolysis Do you frequently have to visit the salon for an embarrassing hair removal session? Are you looking for a more permanent solution for hair removal? Our Verseo’s eSmooth hair removal roller pen is the perfect tool for the job. Designed to help you easily and effectively remove unwanted and embarrassing hair through a simple process called electrolysis, the only method of hair removal that is currently FDA approved. The process is fast and painless and will save you time and money eliminating those annoying trips to the salon. Quality You Can Trust At Verseo, we value customer satisfaction and take it very seriously. We strive to ensure all our customers are completely happy and will not rest until you are. This is why we always ensure all our products are made from the best quality and will deliver on our promise. When you buy our electrolysis hair removal eSmooth roller pen, what you are buying is a product that will not fail you. Here are reasons you should get this body hair removal kit: – Fast, easy, and painless hair removal option – Saves you time and money – Only form of hair removal that is FDA approved – You get everything in the package Enjoy convenient hair removal in the comfort of your home with this home electrolysis hair removal kit. It is a purchase worth making. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!
ePen’s hair removal kit eliminates the need for costly wax treatments as this system removes unwanted hair permanently, and in the privacy of your own home. The pen-shaped removal wand works on the face, underarm, bikini line, or anywhere you have unwanted hair, and works without the use of painful needles. Instead, the ePen uses small pulses of electrical energy to get right to the hair follicle, and destroy the root so you can tweeze or wipe hairs away. First you must apply the conductive pads or the conductive gel to the area with a cotton tip, and then put a cotton bud on the end of the ePen. Put the ePen to the hair removal area and press the button. The green light goes on when you’ve made good contact with the conductive gel, and a buzzer goes off after 20 seconds to notify you that the treatment is finished. The ePen does require a few uses to ensure that you’ve removed all hairs within a growth cycle. The kit comes with the ePen wand, one conductive gel, a set of three reusable conductive pads, a pad lead, cotton buds, and tweezers packed in a handy folding pouch. This electrolysis pen is guaranteed for one year after purchase.
Yes I do still recommend it for you. Basically, you can be fully in charge of your own progress. If you feel you can do another treatment sooner, you can do without the hesitation of going to a salon and paying the $340/m like you mentioned. Yes, the results will be a tad slower (you can’t expect home machines to be as effective as the heavy duty ones) but you will be hairless within time. The best thing is that you will have no hesitation whatsoever, to do say, 1 treatment a week if need be, and that’s exactly what you might need to get the results (that you haven’t been seeing professionally either).
Hi Susan, great question and I would be glad to help. If you have both light hairs and dark hairs, although the Tanda machine is not the best machine when it comes to effectiveness, the Tanda machine > Tanda Me Smooth, does have the ability to treat both lighter and darker hairs so you don’t need two machines. It’s personal preference though because my cousin is the same as you but she prefers to stick with the Tria. Because you mentioned you can get a pretty dark tan, just be careful with your tan, ensure no tanning before and after treatments! Gabby
The DEESS Series 3 is an FDA-cleared, professional, intense pulsed light device. It can give you close to spa-level results from treating yourself at home with this smaller and lighter-weight unit. It is available in 7 different packages, and there is also a Fitzpatrick Skin Tone analyzer that you can buy separately if you want to confirm your skin tone level.
How to use it: This hair removal cream works in as little as three minutes, and you should certainly expect serious results in ten minutes. Cool, eh? You'll need to apply this Nair product to dry skin. You're working towards a thick, even layer, but you definitely do not want to work it into your skin (or you can expect some negative results). Wash your hands immediately after application and then wait at least a minute before showering. 

There’s just pads in here so if you don’t have the handles that’s fine I just used my hands. Surprisingly worked pretty well. It took a little bit of muscle to do and I used four pads to do both arms but it worked great! My arms are smooth. Don’t put lotion on right away bc it will burn a little. It also smells while rubbing just a little bit like nair but it’s totally manageable
Waxing is considered an older method, however soy-based wax is now available. Soy-based wax is better than older waxes because the wax doesn’t stick to your skin, only the hair. Some people feel a sting for a couple of seconds when the wax is pulled off of the skin. Although fairly inexpensive to do at home (a few dollars per application), waxing is best done in a salon or spa where the temperature of the wax is controlled so there’s less of a chance of burning your skin, which can cause scarring. Since waxing removes the entire hair root, your skin may get pink or red and feel tender. You should apply an antibacterial lotion after each treatment.
Excessive hair sprouting from ears, nose and back can be off-putting and embarrassing. Luckily, our hair removal section is an all-star lineup of tools masterly crafted to take care of your unwanted hair. Within this section we have both battery-powered and traditional hair trimmers to solve any potential issue. Our top choice is the Bakblade “Big Mouth” Back Shaver, which is a long-handled manual razor that cuts through hair with ease in or out of the shower. If you happen to have longer or thicker hair, we recommend trimming it first with an electric razor, such as the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer & Trimmer, so that the Bakblade cartridge does not clog.
Underarm hair grows almost 50% faster than the hair on your legs, according to the experts who make Venus razors, so shaving on a daily or every-other-day basis makes sense for folks who don't want hair there. That said, some people do tend to be more sensitive than others and can get irritated from shaving, so make sure you're always using a sharp razor and rinsing it between strokes to avoid it getting clogged.
Tips: “Don’t drink and wax,” warns Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers. “Some people come in after consuming alcohol thinking it’ll ease the pain, but alcohol tightens pores, making it much more painful.” Stimulants, like coffee, can also increase sensitivity. Also, do your research and find a salon that uses good quality wax. Better quality wax can mean a less painful experience, says Grupenmager.
Remington IPL6500 Unisex I-Light Pro IPL Body Hair Removal System. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Free shipping. Brand new, unopened sealed box. Bought on clearance from Bed Bath and Beyond. Retails for $449. If you have any questions please ask before purchasing. Sorry, no returns. No international shipping, no shipping to Alaska or Hawaii unless you contact me to pre-arrange for extra shipping costs. Check out our other listings, we have more laser hair removers. Thanks for your interest!
You can use this tool without much pain or irritation. It’s built to be gentle, but effective. This isn’t going to get rid of hairs forever, or even for a long time, but it’s comfortable enough to use more frequently without you dreading every session. This is a great tool for those who only need to remove small patches of facial hair. You can even use it just before applying makeup, so you’re sure you’ll get a flawless and smooth look before heading out the door.
Everything you wrote is spot on, 100% right. However, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. They say that the Tria’s pulses of 90,000 are plentiful enough to do remove unwanted hair from your whole body around 300 times. I haven’t run out of pulses and I don’t think many people do so don’t worry, you wont run out of pulses, the hair will be gone well before you run out of pulses :)….. Also keep in mind with every treatment, you have less hair so two things – 1. you don’t need as long to treat each area 2. you don’t need as many pulses as the previous time. Less hair growth = faster and less pulses.
The trimmer is the main attachment head. All you have to do is run it over the area where you have unwanted hair and it will trim as it goes. It’s a really nice tool for small jobs, like your sideburns, upper lip, chin, and fine hairs. If you want to apply foundation, running this over your fine hairs to thin them out is a great idea for a more smooth and seamless look.
I know it can be frustrating, waiting to see results from laser and IPL treatments… this is the most difficult part. However, let me just ask that you be patient and follow the recommended instructions provided by Remington. Treating the required areas safely is much better than rushing, ignoring the safety guidelines and hurting yourself (or in the worst case burning yourself). If it takes you an additional few weeks to get you the results you want, by going slowly and safely, I am sure you can agree that will be worthwhile.
From there, you want to make sure that the unwanted hair is the proper length. According to TotalBeauty.com, the hair should be between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inches long in order for the wax to do its job properly. Once you've determined if you're properly hairy enough, then apply the wax in the direction the hair grows. For instance, if you're waxing your calves, the start at the knee and apply the wax downwards toward the foot.
WARNING: The effects of Hairfree cannot be reversed. Special care should be taken when using the product. Do not bring the cream into contact with your head hair or eyebrows. Do not apply to hair you wish to retain. If this happens wash off immediately. If left in contact with hair for 4-5 minutes, hair will dissolve and may partially stop growing.
Ensure that you are using sun protection liberally in the weeks running up to and after your treatment, even when you are just stuck in the office. Do not use sunbeds or even use fake tan, and stay out in direct sun in the weeks running up to and after your laser hair removal. This will dry out your skin, and make you more prone to burning. Tanned skin will also mean that the laser hair removal is less effective as darker skin will absorb more of the energy from the laser.
Any express waiver or failure to exercise promptly any right under these terms and conditions will not create a continuing waiver or any expectation of non-enforcement. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law or regulation of any government, or by any court or arbitrator, such provision will be replaced with a new provision that accomplishes the original purpose, and the other provisions of these terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.
The lasers used by The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center feature cooling devices to maximize your safety and comfort. You may have a little discomfort with each pulse, depending on your tolerance and the location, density, color, and thickness of your hair. If desired, you can buy a topical numbing cream and apply it 30 to 90 minutes before your treatments. Oral narcotics and sedatives are rarely used.
Another misconception: Having a lot of body hair doesn’t mean you’re less hygienic. It’s just that some guys find manscaping helps them relieve irritation. Some might do it to reduce bushiness and any itchiness that can be intensified by hair in the summer months. Some guys just have really hairy butts, too. The stark contrast from a fairly hairless back to a carpet-clad bum warrants some men to get laser since shaving your cheeks is just plain cumbersome.
I originally bought this facial trimmer in 2011. It still works great. I purchased a couple more because I was afraid they would discontinue it and I would not have a replacement whenever it breaks! Neither one of those things happen, so in the mean time I have one with a large bland and one with a small blade so I don't have to change blades when I want to switch.
If you're trying an electric razor or epilator for the first time, give yourself some time to get used to it, because it can take a while to develop the right technique. For that reason, choose a shaver or epilator with at least a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can return it if the product doesn't work well for you. This women's shaver and hair-removal guide will help you choose.
Though even if it were true that it gets a bit thicker, you can still simply continue to shave and Veet, if you are comfortable with this method as you seem, as no one would notice that if you are consistent, but as said, I don’t think anything happens for real, at root level, the hair simply grows back to it’s max length from what was the thickest point before shaving (:. So you can start to wax when you’ll feel ready if you want more lasting results and don’t like to depilate often.

I’d just like to ask a few questions, Im male and 29 years old with white asian skin. i keep cutting myself and getting ingrown hairs when i shave. to avoid those cuts and ingrown hairs i need to purchase those pricey razor blades. i spend around 10 minutes a day with the whole ritual of shaving. i thought id give these IPL products a shot to save time, cuts, ingrowns and the possibility of getting acne on the upper lip and chin area. i already read your reply on Mike’s question, nevertheless i am still going to purchase one of these products. will the hair follicles be permanently destroyed? if ever the treatment does work on me will there still be a visible stubble? i am 29 but i look around 21 and im trying to look as youthful as possible. thank you in advance.
All patients must have a consultation prior to the procedure. A general medical questionnaire on the nature of their skin and consent forms must be completed before the procedure can take place. Patients will be tested to properly evaluate the correct settings for their skin condition and skin type. These actions will then be stored in the patient’s chart for future reference.
When I received an email about a mysterious hair removal tool called the Finishing Touch Flawless, I was immediately triggered and suspicious. While the idea of a rotary hair removal device wasn’t completely foreign to me, the concept of a device that can magically remove facial hair without pain, redness, or ingrown hair seems, well, fake. At least, I suspected it wouldn’t trump plucking or waxing my stache. So naturally, when given the opportunity to investigate (a la free sample), I went for it.
Today, there are manual epilators designed for the face, that do not use a power supply. This design consists simply of a coil spring with two handles. The spring is then bowed into a curve and placed upon the unwanted facial hair whilst turning the handles. This caused the hairs to be caught between the coils of the springs and pulled out from the roots.[citation needed]
Sure, I will be happy to help you out. Good news that you can definitely find a machine that will work great on you because you have light skin and dark coarse hair. You really do need to shave before each treatment and in between treatments, I know it’s totally weird having to shave on your face but it’s a must if you want to permanently remove the hair. There is no other way to get the best results as shaving ensure that the hair grows in a proper cycle, the hair growth cycle that is needed properly for the laser or ipl light to work properly. Out of the machines that you mentioned, if you want the best results, the Tria 4X is best for the face and body. The Remington is not ‘manufactured as safe’ to use on the face and the Silk’n Flash is not as good as the Tria 4X. I’ve done up a review on it – read more here. Hope that helps, message me if you need any more help. Regards, Gabby
In testing these products, I leaned heavily into facial hair removal creams. After all, that’s the hair women are least likely to want to deal with. But you’ll see there are lots of reviews and recommendations for creams that work on legs, armpits and yes, that oh so tender bikini line, as well as other body hair removal. I’ve even called out a few that are worthy for men.
If you start to notice razor burn, it may be due to your clothing. "Tight clothes such as leggings, stockings, and jeans can cause ingrown hair and bumps because it compresses the hair against your body, increasing irritation," explains Grupenmager. "Exfoliating twice during the week or up to two days prior to any form of hair removal will help." Try a body scrub like L'Occitane Almond Exfoliating And Smoothing Delicious Paste ($44, sephora.com). Just be sure to avoid exfoliating directly after you shave, when your skin is most sensitive.
On how this technology differs from energy types used in a professional setting Bank states, “Through the integrated skin tone sensor, we have made eHPL safe to use AT HOME, unlike standard IPL and lasers that have to be used under the guidance of a professional. And the synergy of energies allows hairs to be removed more efficiently as it opens the skin pores and allows the light pulses to optimally reach the hair follicles”.
HPL offers a safe, at-home solution for most male hair removal concerns. You can even use it on your face so long as you do so below your cheekbones. This can help if you want to crisply define your beard line, for example. However, it’s not recommended that you attempt to remove all your facial hair using HPL. Although the prospect of never shaving again can be appealing, the result can look a little unnatural. When it comes to getting that clean-shaven look, there’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned razor.
I love this little thing, I've been plagued by peachfuzz and mustaches all my life and was resorting to shaving my face with a real razor, which always irritated my skin and sometimes nicked me around the lips. This device is small and portable, and it really is absolutely painless. You can turn it on and put your fingers right on the moving "blades" and be perfectly safe. It works on the curves and contours of my face and doesn't irritate my skin, which is so useful because I don't have to prepare my skin or wait a certain amount of time between uses. You do need to go over areas more than once to make sure you're getting a really close, smooth shave, but that's par for the course with even a regular shaving razor. It has a little light mounted on the end to help you see what you're doing. It will not work on longer hair like arm hair or leg hair (I tested it!) but that's fine, it's not what it's for. As far as I can tell, you don't have to empty it out or worry about the "blades" getting dull either. It's so small it's great for travelling, too.
I have so much good to say on this product and I haven’t even talked about its functioning yet…blush…Basically, I am not going to beat around the bush, this hair removal machine is at the best of the game at the moment, its at the top of the market and that is why it has a larger price tag. But if you are looking for results that are pretty up there with the salons than this machine is your answer. Click here to read my full and down right honest review of Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X
In Florida, the use of lasers, laser-like devices and intense pulsed light devices is considered medicine, and requires they be used only by a physician (D.O. or M.D.), a physician assistant under the supervision of a physician, or an advanced registered nurse practitioner under a protocol signed by a physician. An electrologist working under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician is also allowed to perform laser hair removal in the state of Florida.[22]
Shaving our legs is still the fastest, most pain-free way to defuzz. But if you don’t invest in a decent razor, you’ll wind up with ingrown hairs — no thanks. This drugstore buy features three flexible blades that hug your contours so you don’t tear up your skin. As added protection, the “comfort shield” head evenly distributes pressure, and lubricating vitamin E and aloe strips ensure you get the silkiest shave, ever... even if you only have minutes to spare before slipping into that bathing suit.
EDITOR’S CHOICE: This extremely versatile IPL system is a fantastic long-term hair removal kit. It includes 4 different intelligent head attachments which adapt to different areas of your body for safe, effective treatments. It even has 2 different types of flash settings for you to choose from depending on whether you are working on a large or small area. It is easy to use and you can even choose between using it plugged in or cordless for optimum flexibility!

I am a male age 29, and am close to the advised color to be using laser hair removal products (I’m right in between medium brown and light brown). Should this be something I back away from because I’m close to the “not safe” section? And I also have a skin condition, but the condition is caused by hair follicles being very coarse and breaking off in the skin (Acne Inversa/Hydradenitis Suppurativa [they say there is no cure]). My areas of interest are my buttocks and bikini line. Is it okay to laser hair off in areas that have acne (in general)? I have not sought out a dermatologist, I just don’t have the money (for many treatments). I’m just trying to find ways to ease myself. Thank you for reading.
Well, forget all the marketing hype and also the fear-mongering created by people who do not understand this technology. There is a science behind laser hair removal and I created this article and resource to make it as easy as possible for you to determine whether DIY laser hair removal (LHR) is right for you and if so which is the best home device that can help you maximize your results. Hopefully this will save you from walking down the path of frustration!
Waxing is messy, and you have to let the hair get long enough to work. It never got it all, either. Depilatories burn my skin before they've removed any hair. I wish I'd found this years ago, but from now on, this is the only kind of hair remover I will use. I don't know why it says it lasts 6 months to a year. Maybe because it will fill up with hair. But it seems you could stretch it a bit briefly and blow it out. One last reason to love Myspring It. It's cheap!!
Most people enjoy permanent hair reduction, meaning that about 90% of hair can be eliminated. The heat and light destroy the follicle so it can no longer grow. However, hormone changes and different medicines can cause other hair follicles that were previously dormant to start new growth, as with any permanent hair removal system, and could require touch ups down the road. 
Legs are going to be harder: $1,379 total for six sessions. Split twice, that’s $689.50, five to six weeks apart. That’s $344.75 on my debit, $344.75 on my credit card and a $45 cash tip if I do a full 20%. When September comes, that means saving an extra $225.5 for two months so as to not feel the burn. I don’t know if you remember my money diary, but that means I need to sit at home and not move for a week. To answer your other question, yes, I am still trying to become responsible, so here’s what I’ve given (or am working on giving) up:
The product came used and dirty. The box was a little torn, but I thought "no big deal, that happens." When I opened the box, the plastic hanger tag typically attached to the outside was inside the box, but I thought "hmm, maybe it just fell in." When I took the device out of its packaging, it was a bit sticky, but I thought "maybe some of the glue from the outer package got on my hands." I decided to open up the head of the device just to verify that this was an unused product, but sure enough, it was full of someone's hair and skin cells. Absolutely disgusting. How did this get through quality assurance?
I wanted to try this a few times before giving my review. I have never epilated But wanted to try it on my legs because I can't stand shaving anymore. Ok yes, the first time it does hurt. The first time I dry brushed my legs, exfoliated with scrub and then epilated when dry. I didn't get all of the hairs but epilated two days later it hurt less. I then waited another two days and got the remaining. Anyone else looking at my legs wouldn't have seen the hairs and I think only I would know the difference. The first time it was a little bumpy and red but after the second time I not longer get those bumps.

“We have the Synchro REPLA:Y Excellium 3.4 by Deka Laser, which really makes the treatment quite manageable, but if you do find it very painful, you can use a numbing cream, which’ll take the pain down considerably—perhaps to the tune of 50 percent,” Karavolas says. The Syncro is arguably the best laser on the market because of its uniform beam profile. While it’s less painful, it also has a very big spot size and gives near-permanent results.
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Waxing is considered an older method, however soy-based wax is now available. Soy-based wax is better than older waxes because the wax doesn’t stick to your skin, only the hair. Some people feel a sting for a couple of seconds when the wax is pulled off of the skin. Although fairly inexpensive to do at home (a few dollars per application), waxing is best done in a salon or spa where the temperature of the wax is controlled so there’s less of a chance of burning your skin, which can cause scarring. Since waxing removes the entire hair root, your skin may get pink or red and feel tender. You should apply an antibacterial lotion after each treatment.
All of a sudden I have small hairs on my chin. I have tried tweezers but often miss. I have never tried waxing of any kind. I see that you recommend Gigi. I know this is a stupid question but, since the hair seems to grow straight out of my chin, which direction do I apply and what direction do I pull? Will this leave red marks on my skin? Also, is there a video to watch? If I do this, I don’t want to make a mistake.
Thanks for your comment. Wow, that is quite a while not to see results, especially at a clinic? I hope they are doing it correctly. Also 8-12 weeks seems a long time for repeat treatments?Anyway, yes it would be better if you can buy a home machine to do your maintenance sessions at home. If you are someone that tends to see results after quite some time (which may just be the case as you mentioned), then yes, I would recommend the Remington over the Tria for the reasons you mentioned. I’ll send you info to your email for you
I’ve been epilating my Brazilian area for a while with a cheap Veet epilator and I don’t really feel the pain anymore, but the hair on my legs is a lot thicker from shaving and I want to start epilating them. I’m looking at the Emoji because I think I will definitely need more than 40 minutes of total epilation time. You said that a lot of women using the Emoji said that the pain level was very reasonable, so I’m hoping I’ll feel the same way as my hair is very think, so I’m apprehensive about the pain.
Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people, even after prior use without adverse effect. Therefore, test before each use by applying product to a small part of the area where hair is to be removed. Follow directions and wait 24 hours. If skin appears normal, proceed with full application. Do not use on irritated, sunburned, inflamed, or broken skin. Keep away from eyes. Should product touch the eyes, wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If irritation persists, consult your physician. Do not use on face, around eyes, in nose, in ears, or on breast nipples, perianal, or vaginal/genital areas. Keep out of reach of children.
New blade devises like the Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer are perfect if you're in a hurry. This quickly gets rid of any and all hair in a totally painless way, leaving no marks whatsoever. However, I did find that about 24 hours after using it I had stubble. Not actual, visible stubble – it was only me that could feel it – but that's beside the point. Using the blade is a bit like shaving your armpits in that it pretty much becomes a daily chore, which is something I don't fancy getting on board with when it comes to my facial hair, so until I can be arsed to use a laser, I'm gonna stick to my trusty Nair.
Thanks for the article. Good information. I think my main concern is pain and time. I just had back surgery so it is impossible to sit in a tub and shave(and I hate shaving anyway) so I need advice on which epilator would work best and fastest for dark coarse hair. I like the facial and sensitive area caps and I’m not as worried about price. What’s your suggestion? Thanks!
To aid use of the Remington iLight Ultra System, developers have also created an app which is available in the iTunes store and Google Play. This app is designed to maximise the results that can be achieved when using the iLight System by enabling users to track and manage treatments. Potential buyers can download the app as well, to establish whether their skin tone is the correct color for successful treatment.
This Nair product didn't work for me. My legs had stubble within 24 hours. I used 3/4 of the can in a single use, I'm 5'-7"; therefore it is also not very cost efficient. I'll stick with razors! I will mention that the smell wasn't as bad as some of the other reviewers state. And I have zero lingering odors from it. I showered after wiping down and made sure the tub was clean, but the stuff washes off fairly quickly with warm water. Also the sprayer only works well upright, and globs of the stuff sprays out when turned to the side or upside down.
The product works, how well is yet to be seen. I've had professional treatment before and the sensation of this product on the skin feels about the same. Electrolysis is an expensive and timely process, that doesn't even include the driving. I expect that this product will also take time to clear an area. I plan to use this product between salon visits. Here is a helpful tip: Do not tweeze the hair and then touch the product to that area, use the product exactly as the instructions say.
Hi, I am looking at a hair removal system for my entire body. I have fair skin and medium brown hair. My concern is that in addition to my underarms and legs, I would like to completely remove all of my pubic hair as well. Is the pulse thermolysis method safe to use on the outer skin of the genitals? Is there any way to safely use that method to remove all the hair in the pubic/genital area? I noticed you had warned Tim and Sweet against using that method in that area. I do not want to invest that kind of money into a system that I cannot get the full use or benefit of. Any advise would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Nair is the #1 hair removal brand and this three-pack of Nair Cocoa Butter Lotion is the brand’s #1 hair remover lotion for both women and men. Ideal for the legs and body, this cocoa butter hair removal lotion takes only about three minutes to work. It features a fresh scent and can soften your skin with rich cocoa butter and vitamin E. It can quickly and effectively remove even the most stubborn hair, and leave you with results that last much longer than shaving.