Hi! I just read your article and it’s quite interesting. I used VEET hair removal cream 2 days ago and now i noticed that small hairs started to grow. I have long hairs in my arms and legs (our gene pool) before. The problem is that i’m not sure if these hairs will grow as they were before or maybe thicker (scary part ?). How can i maintain a soft skin that will last longer? What other products must i apply on my skin to lessen the hair growth after using hair removal cream? Badly needed ur response.. Thanks
And with very very very dark and thick hair on bikini area . Before I used to wax. And after that because of various reasons I started using Gillette razors, and now my hairs are really thick! So when I use wax strips there is always blood where the hair follicles were. I tried to read all the comments and your answered for learning more. Can I ask which one is better for me spend lots of money for laser or buy IPL machine?! And if IPL which one great for me?! And IPL stop growing hair for always?! Can I use that for my bikini area?! Sorry about my English. Thank you very much
I purchased the smooth away kit from Dollar general for 10.00. I used as directed on my arms and it worked great. I got my legs waxed yesterday and that was awful so this seems like a better alternative. After my arms were really dry and itchy, but after lotion they felt great. It seems to be a great product but I do not think that I would ever put it on my face. If you have sensitive skin it may be a bad idea. My friend works at a laser hair removal place and she told me that their prices just went to over $4,000 for both legs, so this seems like a little investment to try. It does take longer than the commercial says but after I did the circular motion it worked great. Will keep using. (05/05/2009)
Bank adds, “Not only does the Infinity give you improved hair removal results, the treatment can also improve your skin tone and texture. After each treatment apply moisturizer. By opening up the pores, the Galvanic energy will allow the active ingredients in your moisturizer to penetrate much deeper—hydrating your skin and leaving it silky smooth”.
Pros: The heads are all interchangeable which means you can switch to the epilator or electric razor option really easily. I found the electric razor something of a revelation, you don't get quite as close of a shave as you do with a wet razor, but you don't get any of the awful grow back shiz - yep, no more ingrown hairs, itchy legs or razor bumps (praise be 🙌).

Hey Tim, I’m not exactly sure which parts you are referring to, but if you are thinking of using it directly on the genitals or near the anus….please DO NOT do that! It’s unsafe! If you are referring to the bikini area it’s OK, even though it can be more painful than other areas so you might want to use a numbing cream before treatment. I personally prefer the Tria for that area as I find it better in terms of precision & spot treatment. Be sure to set it to the lowest level on your first try!

Venus Silk-expert is a newer option among IPL devices. Venus Silk-expert’s IPL system can result in permanent hair reduction in as little as four treatments. It works beneath the skin’s surface by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle, helping to break the cycle of hair regrowth. With continued, regular use, it helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin surface.
When using the Sensitive Formula, leave the cream on your skin for 5 minutes, and then use the spatula to gently remove a small test area of cream. If the hair comes away easily, use the wider or narrower end of the spatula depending on the body part, to remove the rest. If your hair is more stubborn, you can leave the cream on for up to 10 minutes in total - but don’t leave it any longer.
Hi Kristi, personally the redness goes away relatively quickly for me (30 minutes or so), but it could vary with people..what you could do is to start off with the lowest setting or intensity to test things out and gradually increase it once you become comfortable. I like to use a cold Aloe Vera gel (that I keep in the fridge) for post-treatment – I find that really soothing :)….but I guess any simple soothing gel/ cream would have a similar effect!
I love this device. Not only does it deliver quick results, I still cannot get over how I feel nothing even at the highest setting in some of the most delicate of areas. The price is equally mind-blowing retailing at $399 especially considering the average cost of getting laser treatments is in the thousands. Silk’n just managed to level the playing field and deliver professional results that are painless in the privacy of your own home.
Some formulas are meant to work on specific types of hair, such as coarse hair rather than fuzzy hairs. The fine, light hairs on your skin shouldn’t be removed, so it’s good to get a cream that won’t take those off while it works on your unwanted hairs. If you want to try this method, it’s a good idea to look for a cream that also includes a moisturizer to help nourish and protect your skin while the harsher ingredients remove hairs.
I've used it probably.. 4 or 5 times now in the three week period I've had it. I didn't really notice a change until one night I went to go shave my underarms and... there was almost no hair on one. I stared at it like an idiot for 2 minutes wondering if I'd already shaved it but it was the same throughout the next two days. No not all the hair is gone but most of it is and what is there is fine and takes a while to grow.
I have used this product for several years now as I was cursed with thick, dark Mexican hair. This is the one product I have found that works for me as shaving causes my skin to be irritated and itchy, getting waxed is too expensive, and facial threading causes me to break out. It's taken a lot of trial and error to get timing right to where it removes hair without risking it burning my skin. I don't get any sort of irritation using it unless I leave it on too long. If you leave it on too long you can get chemical burns. Ive gotten a few, but they are never big and just look like small scratches that heal pretty fast. Because of this I apply it in sections. I do apply it to my face in small sections at a time (although you're not supposed to) and it leaves my face SO smooth and doesn't make my hair grow back weird. If you have sensitive skin, I would NOT suggest you use this. And if you do try it, I would highly suggest testing it on a small patch of skin first. Also, like most nair products, it does not smell good but I don't find that the smell lingers after I wash it off.
Simply treat your skin with the intense pulsed light IPL hair removal technology. You’ll see and feel the permanent results in as few as four to five treatments. Veet Infini’Silk is ideal for hair removal from your underarms, arms, stomach, bikini line, legs, back, and chest. Other features include a skin color sensor, skin contact sensor, five light energy levels, and corded operation.
Pivoting head – the human body is not a flat surface; it is made up of many curves, creases and contours which can make hair removal trickier. This Silk-épil has a pivoting head which adapts to the contours of your body so that your hair removal session is more efficient and more comfortable. It enables you to target harder-to-reach areas such as your underarm and knee.
I never had a problem with facial hair until after menopause. With the hair growth came the need for glasses. I can feel the hairs, but I can’t always see them to tweeze and it is driving me a bit batty. What do you recommend for the older woman? I would be using the epilator mostly on my chin and neck. However, I might also be emboldened to try it elsewhere.

Shaving with a manual razor is one of the most popular hair removal methods; it’s easy, affordable and fast. Soak your skin in warm water via a shower or bath for a few minutes, apply shaving gel and use a sharp razor blade in light, steady strokes. After you finish shaving, rinse, pat your skin dry and apply a moisturizer. Wet shaving with a sharp razor can be used anywhere, however it’s particularly great for legs, armpits, arms and bikini line. In general, we recommend women shave every one to three days during a shower or bath if the goal is to maintain smooth skin. Learn more about how to properly shave individual areas of the body.
Hair Color:  Blondes might have more fun, but when it comes to laser home hair removal, blondes have a tough time.  The lasers have a hard time picking up the light pigmentation of blonde, white or red hair, and so the systems are not as effective with those hair colors.  On the other hand, if your hair is brown or black, you should see fantastic results with most laser removal systems.
As you can see from the name, this set is primarily a facial cleansing brush, but one of the 5 extra attachments is an epilator head. It has both an epilator and shaver head, to give you long-lasting hair removal which does not irritate your skin. It is portable, lightweight and convenient, and it also gives you a facial brush, massager and pedicure attachment for an all over pamper device.
Hi Luisa, are the dark pigments of the in-grown hair visible or are they completely ‘hidden’? If they are visible, there is a good chance that laser would help as the laser energy works by seeking out the dark pigments of the hair roots. Also, if you intend to do laser treatment you should stop epilation and allow the hair to grow back as epilation removes the hair root leaving no target for the laser to act on. Shaving would be fine.
How to use it: This product should be applied in an even layer, but there's no need to work it into your skin (nor should you). After four minutes, do a test by rubbing a little off with a soft cloth or tissue. You can leave this hair removal cream on your body for as long as seven minutes. The manufacturers do suggest  wiping product off, rather than scraping. Then rinse and pat dry. 
How many hours does it take? You must work out one hair at a time with that little tip and excuse me, but this is a VERY BORING proccess to do. It may take ages to get all my body worked out with these machine and that little tip, i have A LOT of hair on my body and let me tell you it’s NOT FUNNY having all that hair, i simply HATE IT, and i am trying to find a way that works to get rid of this permanently!
I bought this strictly for epilating my upper lip, chin and neck area and it works perfectly for this. It is a bit painful but I expected that anyway....I am not going to kid myself that yanking out multiple hairs with any method is going to be a fun time. But it's efficient and much faster than hand tweezing. My upper lip never felt so smooth! I gave it 4 stars because it's not cordless, but the cord is long enough that I can live with it.
I am trying to select a hair removal machine but I really don’t know what is the best for me. I am 60 years old, my skin is white with brown hairs and I begin to have white hairs on my chin and upper lips. It’s a big problem for me, I use wax and my tweezer. I want to know which machine is best for me and do you have to change the cartridge.I want to buy the tria but I don’t know anymore.
You’ll absolutely love the Tria. Asian brown skin color should be fine just depending on how dark you are. If you have brown skin with black hairs, it should be all good. A lot of women actually buy 2 machines, one portable like the Tria and another for different body areas. This Tanda – Me Smooth is a popular 2nd machine for those worried about they skin color as this machine is suitable for all skin colors and hair colors, just not as effective as the Tria but is a good alternative for what you are after.
Like a lot of epilators on the market nowadays, the Braun Silk Epil is 'wet and dry'. So, it's a great choice if you like to tackle your hair removal in the bath or shower to ease the pain - as forty tweezers are kept company by a high-frequency massage cap that soothes skin of the plucking sensation. However, this model can also be used on dry land. There are also soft tips that lift up shorter hairs for full-coverage hair removal. Also contains additional shaver and trimmer heads to treat hair before and/or between treatments.
Women in many parts of the world were soon expected to keep their legs and armpits hairless, and when the bathing suit came into play, so did the expectation of a well-groomed bikini line. These days, hair removal is generally viewed as a cosmetic issue -- getting rid of that hairy back or the embarrassing female mustache. Most cultures have acceptable and unacceptable areas and amounts of hair, making it necessary to oblige these unwritten rules to avoid being ostracized. We'll go over five hair removal methods throughout history, from the Neanderthal using abrasive tools to modern laser techniques.
In the event that the credit limit for the credit card you provided is not sufficient for the above charges or such credit card is cancelled, revoked or suspended before full payment is made, you agree (a) to provide the Company with an alternative credit card and hereby authorize the Company to charge any or all of the above amounts to such alternative credit card and (b) that the Company may, without notice, cancel or suspend any and all shipments and orders (in addition to pursuing any other available remedies).
In Florida, the use of lasers, laser-like devices and intense pulsed light devices is considered medicine, and requires they be used only by a physician (D.O. or M.D.), a physician assistant under the supervision of a physician, or an advanced registered nurse practitioner under a protocol signed by a physician. An electrologist working under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician is also allowed to perform laser hair removal in the state of Florida.[22]
You get a complete pamper set in this kit. You get the handheld device with a facial cleansing brush, epilator head, lady shaver, massager and callus remover. It is rechargeable and so it also includes the power cable. The device features an anti-slip switch and a single-touch button to release the attached head to swap them over. It also tells you how much charge it is currently holding by the charging indicator.
Waxing is messy, and you have to let the hair get long enough to work. It never got it all, either. Depilatories burn my skin before they've removed any hair. I wish I'd found this years ago, but from now on, this is the only kind of hair remover I will use. I don't know why it says it lasts 6 months to a year. Maybe because it will fill up with hair. But it seems you could stretch it a bit briefly and blow it out. One last reason to love Myspring It. It's cheap!!
Results should be good for up to four to six weeks, and sessions can cost $10-$70 depending on what you’re after. Pulling out so many hairs, root and all, in one fell swoop can have adverse side effects, so after care is especially important. A good antibacterial skin cream will go a long way in dealing with skin irritations and infections commonly associated with waxing.
I am probably the only person in this industry getting lasered who is actually paying for it full price. Many places offer press discounts. Some will offer free sessions if you’re reporting on the matter. Me? I’m writing about this because it’s the only thing I’m talking about to anyone who will listen. It is life-changing. I am obsessed. I didn’t have to shave my armpits until the middle of the fourth week after my first session, and that was just your usual day-old stubble.
Squeeze lotion into palm of hand. Smooth on a thick, even layer to cover hair. Do not rub in. Wash your hands immediately after application. Leave the lotion on for 3 minutes. Then check a small area for hair removal. Total hair removal depends on hair thickness. If the hair does not come off after 3 minutes, leave the lotion on for a few minutes longer. Do not exceed 10 minutes of total application time. To remove lotion and hair: gently wipe off the lotion and hair with a damp washcloth. Do not rub. Once all hair has been removed, rinse skin thoroughly with lukewarm water in the shower. Pat dry. Keep bottle tightly closed between uses.
IPL works in the 500nm to 1200nm wavelength, while the visible spectrum is only 400nm to 700nm (nanometers) – so you will not see most of the active light. In fact if you follow this logic through, in the ideal situation, you will not see ANY light, because if the product is working optimally ALL the light should be absorbed by the hair follicle…and not “reflected” back for you to see.

Unique, patented epilation system – as with all Philips epilation devices, the tweezers actually lift and gather up the hair, bringing them towards the catching point of the tweezers where they are pulled out. This patented design, along with the round ceramic discs means you get a closer epilation for longer-lasting results while being gentle on your skin.

Secondly, using the machine with sun exposure. It is recommended that you don’t get sun exposure while doing the treatments, however, to give you an idea, I live in Australia and I have similar climate to you, it gets very hot and I am sunbathing a lot. I still use the machines in summer time, even when I have a tan, but you must be careful and know how you use them if you continue to do so over the summer period. You need to be diligent in not sun tanning immediately before or immediately after the sessions, give yourself at least 1 week before and after. Preferably, I would recommend not ‘tanning’ whilst doing them but if you do, just be careful…also the darker your skin is, the less effective it becomes so think of this also.
Everyone has one or two patches of unwanted hair. Avoid years of plucking and waxing with laser hair removal. Many med spas combine laser hair removal with other skin treatments like sunspot and spider vein removal. Laser hair removal can be performed on small, medium, and large areas. Compare costs at various treatment facilities to find the best bang for your buck. You can also scroll down to browse laser hair removal deals near you.
The chemicals in these products dissolve the hair shaft. Using a cream improperly -- for instance, leaving it on too long -- can burn your skin. If you have a history of allergic reactions, you should first test a little bit of the cream on a small area on your arm to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to it. Be sure to follow the directions on the cream.
In my pictures there's a few teensy hairs, but I was able to get most of those off too after changing the angle and going over it again. I don't mind tiny ones. I didn't get any pics of my chin before, but I have a ton of hair that grows and it was so fast to remove. The pictures show the contrast of the have of my lip already done and the half not done. It's hard to tell how much hair there is because the lighting in my bathroom/it's mostly blonde hairs. Hope the unflattering photos help you decide to buy this thing or one like it. I don't often write reviews, but this had truly changed my life in a
The laser treatment will take place in a room set up specifically for laser treatments. Everyone in the room must wear protective eyewear during the procedure. To perform the procedure, the skin is held taut and the skin is treated with the laser. Many patients say that the laser pulses feel like warm pinpricks or a rubber band being snapped against the skin.
Apply the formula to the area you wish to remove the hair from ensuring that every strand is covered and look to the recommended timings on the packet for how long it should be left on for. Formulas are quite thick and stay in place well so you can get on with other things while you wait. When time is up, simply take the plastic instrument and scrape away or step into the shower and simply wash the unwanted hair away.
I have been looking into laser hair removal for a while now and read all the reviews and information on your website. I just need some help making the right choice for me! I have light brown skin ( a little darker during the summer due to tanning), and coarse black hairs. I want to use the device mainly for my upper lip, underarms, bikini line and legs. I have to shave every other day now on my legs in order to keep them somewhat smooth, it’s horrible. I do not mind replacing cartridges every once in a while or paying a little more as long as I get my results. I would just like to know which device you would recommend to me based on this information. The Remington or the Tria 4X? Thank you! 

Waxing from home can be a daunting task for newbies, and mistakes will be made. However the benefits are huge: Savings on salon bills, blissful convenience, and having smooth skin at your command within minutes. With just a little bit of practice and technique, you will be an at-home waxing expert in no time. To help you on your way, here are some of the most common waxing mistakes (with their solutions!) that we see consistently.

The good news is that the latest versions of the more popular hair removal creams no longer have such an overpowering odor, thanks to the removal of two chemicals (sodium hydroxide and calcium thioglycolate) from the formula. They're paired with milder, often pleasant scents that can make the removal process safer and less nauseating. However, the chemicals used in the new formulas are equally effective and can remove hair in anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. There are even water-resistant and hydrating hair removal creams that improve skin health while eliminating body hair.

I've used Bellabe Hair Removers for 10+ years. I use it on my mustache, the corners around my mouth, chin, under the chin, my chinline and right below the lower lip. It hurt a little to pull mustache hairs out when I first started. Didn't take long for the hurt to go away; sometimes now it's just a slight sting. A lot of the mustache hairs are thinner. Today I usually do my mustache several times a week. I keep a Bellabe in my travel bag and have used it in the hospital and on trips.
Hi Ayesha. It is not compulsory to shave before treatment, but shaving does increase the efficacy of the treatment as it maximizes the intensity of light actually hitting the hair follicles (according to advise by experts that I came across on a few forums). However, it is best to do it 24 to 48 hours before the actual treatment so as not to irritate the skin.
Rejuvenations Medical Spa is Columbia’s premiere Medical Spa, truly focusing on the health of your skin. Opened since 2005, our services are performed by the most experienced staff using the latest and most innovative laser procedures and skin therapies. We believe each client should experience their own customized treatment regimen focused on individual needs.

The second thing that I am struck by with the Infinity is the speed. I have averaged about 20 minutes to treat my whole body including face, upper and lower legs, underarms, bikini, and upper lip, which is highly impressive and a total time saver compared to the alternatives. Part of what allows for the speed is Silk’n’s unique gliding functionality coupled with it's quartz bulb that allows the device to reload faster, which is pretty genius. Bank tells me, “Our desire to make shaving a thing of the past has moved us to create a technology which was simpler, faster and more permanent than shaving alone. Through our observations, we tried to closely mimic the physical process of shaving since this is what the majority of people were accustomed to. This led us to the development of the gliding option, which allows the user to move the device in a very similar pattern as they would a razor”.

There was a time, not that long ago, when the state of your mustache was considered classified information outside your closest friends. But social media, and Instagram specifically, has brought many beauty taboos out of the shadows... including facial hair. It's where women—glamorous women! famous women!—are candidly discussing their 'staches and more. Where beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan revealed a face-shaving routine that went viral. Where actress Thandie Newton flashed a selfie while bleaching her upper lip.

Something I didn’t know, until now, is the importance of appropriate eye protection. Laser light pulses can be damaging to your eyes, and in fact some, (but not all) of the devices clearly state that you shouldn’t use them on your face. That may rule some devices out if you’re looking to target those sneaky little mustache and beard hairs that keep popping up.
I am incredibly sorry for my late reply, I hope I can still help you out. Since you have white skin and black hair, you can use any of the best machines as I have provided above. Since you want one where you can refill cartridges, the most effective one for you would be the Remington. Since you are in between the UAE/Egypt, you can try shipping from here or from here also.
This facial hair removal tool has 95 five-star reviews on the Shaver Shop’s website! And it only costs $39.95. What impresses us most about this ladies face shaver is the German engineered technology that’s gone into it - it has no sharp edges, so no risk of nasty knicks on your face; as well as how effortlessly, painlessly and instantly it removes hairs. It’s especially great for peach fuzz - you know, those fine, soft hairs that wax just never seems to grab onto and are generally too fine for epilators to pick up. While it doesn’t provide long-term results, it’s really simple to use and is so gentle you can actually use it daily, if need be.
No problem at all Yes I understand and your not alone that’s for sure, better to be fully prepared with both the numbing cream and cooling gel. There is only 2 good numbing creams I would recommend, one – the Lidocaine Gel GREENCAINE which is the best, used professionally by salons etc and a slightly cheaper option – the Lido Cream 4. Otherwise if you want just a light numbing effect with not much protection, a cream around $15 will do just fine. Hope that helps you. Regards, Gabby
Unlike waxing, sugaring only pulls out the hairs and doesn’t disturb the surface of the skin. “Hot wax attaches to the hair and the skin, pulling skin cells with it as it is removed. This is not only painful, but can cause redness, swelling, inflammation, and even bruising,” says dermatologist Howard Sobel, M.D. “If the wax is too hot, it can also burn your skin, especially in sensitive areas. Sugaring is a more gentle method of hair removal as the paste does not stick to your skin—it only attaches to the hair.” This minimizes the amount of irritation to the area and pain during the process. The sugar paste is also more malleable than hard wax, which allows it to get all the way down to the root. This makes it less likely to break off hairs at the surface.
As with your bikini line, the skin under your arms is thin and sensitive, making shaving your best option. Be sure to use a hydrating shave gel like eos Ultra Moisturizing Lavender Shave Cream ($4, target.com) and shave in multiple directions. That's because hair under your arms grows in a whirled pattern, meaning the hair is pointing in all directions, Dr. Bowe says. So in order to get a close shave, swipe your razor up and down and corner to corner to make sure you snag every last hair.
If smooth, hairless skin is on your list of honeymoon must-haves, you'll know that finding the perfect hair removal routine is rarely an easy feat. You of course want the best results—i.e. a long-lasting solution with little to no irritation that doesn’t cost a month’s worth of rent. And with all the wedding planning craziness, a hair removal method that doesn't require making time for an out-of-the-way appointment is ideal. While that's all easier said than done, there are definitely some at-home hair removal products that get the job done and do it well.
No problem at all Yes I understand and your not alone that’s for sure, better to be fully prepared with both the numbing cream and cooling gel. There is only 2 good numbing creams I would recommend, one – the Lidocaine Gel GREENCAINE which is the best, used professionally by salons etc and a slightly cheaper option – the Lido Cream 4. Otherwise if you want just a light numbing effect with not much protection, a cream around $15 will do just fine. Hope that helps you. Regards, Gabby
1. Re-Chargeable basically means that the device it not connected to a power outlet for it to work. The only re-chargeable hair removal machine is the Tria 4X Laser (and the new Tria – Precision). This means that you can take it anywhere and use it whenever you want, you don’t need to be limited to connecting it to a power socket. So this is a very handy feature and something that I personally like because I hate clutter and power cords etc. The bad thing with this is that once the charge runs out, it needs re-charging. The charge lasts approx. 45 mins which is plenty to do a full session of legs.
Hair removal lasers have been in use since 1997 and have been approved for "permanent hair reduction" in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).[7][8] Under the FDA's definition, "permanent" hair reduction is the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after a treatment regime. Indeed, many patients experience complete regrowth of hair on their treated areas in the years following their last treatment. This means that although laser treatments with these devices will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair.[9]
Something of a curve ball, but if long-term hair removal is your want this system, featuring an epilator, might be the answer. The intense pulse light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) act as an ‘at home’ laser hair removal device, but it also features an epilator for between treatments. As the light treatment thins and weakens hair so it becomes easier, and less painful, to epilate.
Although commonly in smaller numbers than guys, all women produce testosterone. Whether testosterone will trip excessive hair development in almost any special girl depends not only on her quantity of circulating testosterone, but in addition her hair follicles’ androgen sensitivity, her insulin sensitivity, as well as the equilibrium of testosterone on the list of body’s other hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

The Silk-épil 7 epilator is efficient, yet extra gentle. Because it’s watertight, you can use it in the bath or shower. As with all epilators, it’s more painful at first, but you’ll have virtually painless epilation with regular use. The high frequency massage system provides extra comfort through pulsating active vibrations that stimulate your skin while you epilate. With 40 close-grip tweezers, this epilator efficiently removes even the shortest hairs as small as a grain of sand. It provides smoothness that lasts for weeks. A shaver head and trimmer cap are included to convert your epilator into a full-fledged electric shaver for depilation. The pivoting head follows every contour of your body for better skin contact and even gentler performance. A SmartLight reveals even the finest hair for extra-thorough hair removal. This epilator is not just for legs. You also get different attachments that are designed for use on underarms, arms, face, and bikini area. This epilator will work even more efficiently if you regularly exfoliate. An exfoliating treatment, along with an exfoliating brush are great solutions. Sugar or salt scrubs also work exfoliating wonders.
If the IPL hair removal isn’t enough for you, then you can go for a 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 option of IPL pack. Depending on which you go for, these come with an extra lamp head or two – one is for treating acne while the other is for skin rejuvenation. Alternatively, if you go for the standard single-lamp pack and you change your mind, you are also able to buy the attachments separately.

These electric devices use hundreds of tiny tweezers to pluck the hairs. Epilators scored higher, overall, than electric shavers in our tests, but you should use them only on the legs and forearms. Some women said that using an epilator is more work than shaving. But because an epilator removes the hairs at the root, you might not have to repeat the procedure for several weeks. Look for at least a 30-day money-back guarantee, especially when buying an epilator for the first time, so you can return the device if it doesn't work for you.
The best aspect of this home hair removal device, is its design. The worst aspect and hence why it’s no. 3 on my list is that its a little bit fussy. What I mean by fussy is that it is not as effective for permanent hair reduction for people with naturally dark or tanned skin. Your best bet for people with naturally dark or tanned skin is to trust in the Tria and Remington machines (above). They will do exactly what you need. But if you like to fully investigate all avenues (like me) then keep reading because I believe the more you read, the more you learn and with home laser and IPL, it really is important that you are fully aware of everything before you make the decision (and I hope you get all the information you need here, because that is my goal :))

Looks too good to be true, eh? Well here's my review in short: Yes, the Smooth Away pads really do work, and yes, they are painless. They have a sandpaper-like texture that erodes the hair as you rub in a circular motion. For me, they worked well on leg stubble, letting me smooth things out without going through the whole production of a shower. They didn't work as well on my bikini zone or underarms; I had to make many passes with the pad to see results in those areas where my hair is coarser, and it just felt like way more work than shaving would be.
his works very well. With a little bit of patience and a circular motion, I was able to remove all of my arm hair. No wasted water and no razor burns. my skin is smooth free from hair. My review is so truthful. I have chin hairs,top lip and under lip hairs. I am an African American and it work perfect on my hair texture. Like I said , I am smooth. The thing is , I pluck my chin hairs everyday. Now I don't have to. I can use my flawless hair remover everyday, if I need to
The SmoothSkin Gold 300 IPL Hair Removal System looks like a complete luxury product and gives results like one too. The skin sensors on either side of its laser window detect your skin tone before each flash and choose the safest intensity level for it. It also comes with a gentle mode for more sensitive areas and takes around 30 minutes for a full body treatment.
A. Because hair has several stages of growth, it’s very common to see what appears to be rapid regrowth of hair after your first few epilating sessions. But actually, what you are seeing is not the regrowth of the hairs just plucked. It is the emergence of hairs that were already developing below the surface of your skin. With repeated use of your epilator, you’ll see less and less regrowth, and you’ll be able to enjoy longer stretches in between sessions without the appearance of “stubble.”
With this device, you never have to take a break between treatments to recharge. The Remington iLIGHT uses the same IPL technology used by dermatologists. It is good for use by both men and women, but only for hair removal below the neck, including legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, stomach and arms. The product should not be used anywhere on or around the face, head, ears or neck.
Nad's for Men Hair Removal Cream is a fast acting depilatory cream for quick, painless hair removal at home. Our cream delivers effective results that last longer than shaving by dissolving the hair just below the skin surface while protecting the skin with gentle aloe vera. The extra strength cream is specially formulated for coarse male body hair and is effective in as little as four minutes. Suitable for all skin types, the cream is ready to use and can be used in the shower for chest, back, arms, and legs taking the fuss out of men's hair removal.

EXCEPT for the Silk’n Infinity, which says the following in the Warning Section of the manual “Do not treat tattoos or permanent makeup, dark brown or black spots (such as large freckles, birthmarks, moles or warts). Please note: nipples, genitals or lips may be treated, but being naturally darker USE ENERGY LEVEL 1 ONLY!” In the next column, it does say “Treating any area with Silk’n Infinity that is dark in color or has more pigment can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters and skin color changes.” Further, in the safety tip section, “Cover the darker area with material that will not absorb the light such as a white cloth or white medical tape.”.

You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term.
Back in April, I purchased a box of Smooooth Away Hair Removal Pads (aka Smooth Away pads) and bottle of Smooth Away Hair Inhibitor Cream at the New York City Auto Show. I had seen the infomercials on TV, then saw a real-life product demonstration at the auto show that "proved" they really do work, so I coughed up $40 (I totally overpaid, got caught up in the moment) so I could try them out on myself at home. Here's how it went:

I originally bought this facial trimmer in 2011. It still works great. I purchased a couple more because I was afraid they would discontinue it and I would not have a replacement whenever it breaks! Neither one of those things happen, so in the mean time I have one with a large bland and one with a small blade so I don't have to change blades when I want to switch.
With so many creams, that only work on fine hair, here’s another one you ladies struggling with coarse hair. This cream should do the trick and each application should last about a week. Eyebrows do appear to be an exception, but you wanted to keep those anyway. Hair removal isn’t the only benefit of this cream, special moisturizers will give your face that elusive smooth and glossy feel. It contains many natural elements, such as mineral oil and sweet almond oil. Are you an animal lover? Rejoice! This product was NOT tested on your furry friends and is totally ethical to purchase.
Hailed as being the fastest hair removal machine on the market, the SmoothSkin Bare uses the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system. It’s a device with an endless amount of flashes and has a remarkable speed – a flash every 0.6 seconds! With over 100 flashes per minute, you can treat your upper legs, lower legs, underarms and bikini line in just 10 minutes.
An epilator is a 1 time cost for several years. With epilators ranging from $40 to $140, you only have to spend that once to epilate for years. Without a doubt, epilating is the cheapest hair removal solution available to men and women today. And with technology improving every single year, epilators are becoming a go-to for hair removal for more people every year.
Last but not least, the Braun epilator comes with 7 extras! Yes, SEVEN! This includes a shaver head that you can use to shave, a trimmer cap for trimming hair, an efficiency cap, a high frequency massaging cap, and a facial brush. The facial brush helps remove makeup and physically exfoliate any dead skin through micro vibrations. All of these attachments are waterproof just like the epilator itself. The seventh extra is a recharging stand for the epilator.
When I think of buying an epilator, I remember how dangerous ingrown hairs are. So I m going to apply to a salon for the laser peel. I reviewed a lot of feedbacks but I m still afraid of burns and the cost is rather high. Oh, I know about Innovatione 1S PRO too, by the way, it reduces possibility of getting burns, as far as I know. More likely I will visit a salon where there is this device.
Formulated for coarse, hard to remove hair. Now, you can spray your stubble away. The easiest, fastest, most effective way to remove unwanted hair. Drip-free spray for legs, body, arms and more. No touching, no spreading, no mess. 360 Degree spray can spray upside down for those hard to reach areas. Results in as little as 3 minutes. Helps reduce the appearance of hair regrowth. Great Fresh Scent. Salon Tested. Dermatologist Tested. Silk Protein Hair Softening Complex and rich triple butters moisturize skin. Infused with cocoa, mango, and shea butters to moisturize and condition skin. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth.
Thinking about getting the Remington IPL6000f I-light pro for my son. He has a hairy naevi on his shiulder with darker pigmentation and has had a couple of salon treatments It seems to have a larger light emitting head than some of the others. Disadvantage is having to replace the cartridges but 65000 shots seems to be a reasonable number. Curious to know how difficult it is to use on back and shoulders without someone shaving his back and doing it for him? Problem of doubling up on certain areas.
COMMENTSSo what do you need to do? Just peel the raw papaya and cut it into small pieces, grind them into a fine paste. Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder to the paste. With the help of your hands massage it on to the parts with excessive hair growth and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. For best try the regime at least twice a week.
IPL, though technically not containing a laser, is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "laser hair removal". IPL-based methods, sometimes called "phototricholysis" or "photoepilation", use xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. IPL systems typically output wavelengths between 400 nm and 1200 nm. Filters are applied to block shorter wavelengths, thereby only using the longer, "redder" wavelengths. IPLs offer certain advantages over laser, principally in the pulse duration. While lasers may output trains of short pulses to simulate a longer pulse, IPL systems can generate pulse widths up to 250 ms, which is useful for larger diameter targets. Some current IPL systems have proven to be more successful in the removal of hair and blood vessels than many lasers.[11][12][13]
If you still want to go with a razor, Dr. Fromowitz suggests you use Gillette Mach 3 disposables ($14, Buy It Here) . One note: Don't reuse a razor on your back, per risk of infection. Just treat the whole procedure the same as shaving your face: warm water first to relax the pores and hair. Shave, rinse with cold water to close the pores, and then apply a disinfecting aftershave to cleanse and nourish the skin.
And with very very very dark and thick hair on bikini area . Before I used to wax. And after that because of various reasons I started using Gillette razors, and now my hairs are really thick! So when I use wax strips there is always blood where the hair follicles were. I tried to read all the comments and your answered for learning more. Can I ask which one is better for me spend lots of money for laser or buy IPL machine?! And if IPL which one great for me?! And IPL stop growing hair for always?! Can I use that for my bikini area?! Sorry about my English. Thank you very much
This device is slowly gaining momentum with the community of the hair free cult but I think with a little more of a push from the company it could be beating the competition in no time. I do think this machine is good but I have had to rank it as no. 4 because I have not been able to test it out fully. I do not have blonde hair myself so I had to go off the results of my best friend (and take her word for it too).
First, let me clarify that our Amazon account is under my husband's name. I am not a man. I am a woman who started using the Braun Silk-epil years ago. Not sayin' that a man can't use this, they can. It's a free country for goodness sake. But I just want to be clear that I am talking from a female perspective. My husband has never used this product. (My brother did try it on his arm to amuse us, and he was surprised how painless it was.)
Years ago, there may have been a stigma attached to removing all hair from one's pubic region, but that concept has since faded. Aesthetics are a major reason for choosing the Brazilian style, but guests often choose it for the sense of optimal personal hygiene as well. People of all ages, professions, lifestyles and marital statuses seek Brazilian laser hair removal for the smooth, beautiful results they can experience.

“Basing medical treatments based on price (i.e. choosing the lowest priced procedure) often results in patients being treated by inexperienced providers or with inferior lasers,” Keaney says. “I recommend looking for a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic and laser procedures: Education and experience are more important than a cheap price.”
Depilatories use a chemical called thioglycolate mixed with sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide that literally melts hair away. Thioglycolate disrupts disulfide bonds, which are the chemical bonds that hold skin and hair cells together. It's very effective, but it can also be extremely irritating to the skin because the chemical ingredients can melt away skin cells.

There’s more to shaving than simply running a razor over skin. For the best results, Adam Boulding, a Venus expert, recommends the following: shave with a fresh blade (dispose after 10 uses), shave against the direction of hair growth and pull taught in areas where skin is less firm; use a light touch (its more of a glide over skin as opposed to pushing down); soak hair for a few minutes beforehand and use a shave gel – rather than a potentially skin-drying soap – like Olay and Venus’s Satin Care.
Get ready to bare more and wear less with Nair Hair Remover Lotion! Enjoy soft, smooth skin with Nair Lotion with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E without the nicks, cuts, and bumps that can occur from shaving. This hair removal lotion is scented with warm, seductive notes of Cocoa Butter and infused with Vitamin E. In as little as 3 minutes, reveal silky-smooth, touchable skin that lasts days longer than shaving.
This device is a gamechanger for maintaining smoothness on all areas of your face, like the upper lip, chin, and even the area between your brows. According to a global study conducted by Gillette Venus, "30 percent of women around the world cited the face as a key area where they choose to remove hair when want to feel their best," Caitlin Orszulak, scientist for the Gillette Venus research & development team, tells Allure. "So we're excited to offer a Venus solution for this need."
Yes ! Philips satinelle wet and dry is a no no no no… Oh but sorry I did not buy the * prestige * version, I only got that epilator in a blue version.(which I believe is the same) But thats why it cost me only around 80 Can $.and id pay 15$ for that. (Just because I could use it under water…while testing my patience) Maybe the good reviews about this epilator is from people that kept hair pretty long and were gonna try an epilator for the first time. Because… Its not good… It catches only long hair. And I think the reason why is because the head is made as while spinning, hair get stuck in it and it is supposed to get plucked.but it won’t happen…how can a super small hair get stock in it? Unless client only epilate once a month… I wouldn’t buy it and anyways buying a cheaper one from Braun ,20 tweezers just like I had, works better, then they can buy exfoliators and massaging device on the side and the price may end up cheaper anyways XD so that’s it… thank you for the advice! I really wanted the emjoi ap-18 but I’m stupid, I got the Braun se 9 … Because it was at a cheap price yesterday and I was scared to miss it. Also I saw u gave it a good review, u are also using it etc.but I should have wait for ur reply … I forgot that it wasn’t working while charging, last only 40 minutes unplugged. and I have so many places to epilate that I’m in a rush while using it . but it works super well at least. I was able to use it on total body.cons is I had to charge in the middle. ( ill see soon again, I was pretty hairy yesterday so it took me long. To pass over all my body. Next time should be faster ) ill try buying amjoi too tho… Ill see. Cuz I really want one now T T but my buget is getting tight!
Reading what other customers have to say about the product you are considering buying can help you get an idea of the efficiency of the product. These reviews give you a genuine idea of the results expected from the product and its side-effects if any. You can also look for reviews by people who have the same skin type as yours to get more information about the formula.
Once it was decided that I’d go forward with this irresponsible financial decision, I prioritized which areas I’d laser first. While lasering, you’re to avoid sun exposure on the treated area. I’m a rule-follower, so this eliminated any hopes of doing legs until September, which meant armpits and my nether regions were up first. As I wrote above, I was recommended six sessions per area, five weeks apart. I began at the top of March and have an August graduation date.
Yes, it looks startlingly similar to those hand grips that some people use to build forearm strength, but this easy-to-hold tool uses its coils to pull strands out from the root (another supercharged plucker). Just hold the flat part to your face and twist the little knobs on both sides of the handle to pluck hairs in any given section before moving to the next.
A topical cream called Vaniqa® (eflornithine 13.9%) was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the removal of facial hair in women. This cream works by inhibiting an enzyme that is important for normal hair growth, but must be prescribed by a physician and used on a continuous basis. Studies show that when the cream is discontinued, the hair returns to pretreatment levels after about 8 weeks.
About Us: Before Nad’s was created back in 1992, no one ever talked about unwanted hair. That first pot of Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel changed everything! Today, Nad’s - led by founder Sue Ismiel and her daughters - is renowned as the hair removal innovator, with products tailored, tested and proven to solve the real problem of unwanted hair for women and men around the world.

With this device, you never have to take a break between treatments to recharge. The Remington iLIGHT uses the same IPL technology used by dermatologists. It is good for use by both men and women, but only for hair removal below the neck, including legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, stomach and arms. The product should not be used anywhere on or around the face, head, ears or neck.

I read your article and it’ s veeery helpful and informative!! Thanks!! I am from Greece and I want to purchase one of these! Which one do you recommend me? I have blonde – brown hair. I’ ve tried Alexandrite laser at dermatologists since 2010 (many years..) but I’ ve got tired because I’ ve spent so much money all these years and now I’ m looking for home – laser..
Correct temperature, and therefore correct viscosity, is needed to apply a nice thin layer of wax. Liquid waxes all require some heating using a microwave or a wax warmer. If the wax is too cold, the wax will be thick and hard it spread. If the wax is too hot, it will be too thin and could even burn you. The correct wax consistency is like liquid honey. Think of Goldilocks, the perfect temperature matters for wax as well as porridge.
About Us: Before Nad’s was created back in 1992, no one ever talked about unwanted hair. That first pot of Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel changed everything! Today, Nad’s - led by founder Sue Ismiel and her daughters - is renowned as the hair removal innovator, with products tailored, tested and proven to solve the real problem of unwanted hair for women and men around the world.
With the increased popularity in many countries of women wearing shorter dresses and swimsuits during the 20th century and the consequential exposure of parts of the body on which hair is commonly found, there has been an increase in the practice of women removing unwanted body hair, such as on legs, underarms and elsewhere.[6] In the United States, for example, the vast majority of women regularly shave their legs and armpits, while roughly half also shave their bikini lines.[7]

Sally Hanson’s Spray-On Shower-Off Hair remover works in as little as 3-10 minutes, removing any unwanted body hair. You simply need to spray the depilatory cream on, wait for a couple of minutes, and then wash it off without needing to touch it or spread it. With a pleasant vanilla scent, the hair remover helps reduce the appearance of regrowth and has been dermatologically tested. The 360 Degree spray can also be sprayed upside down to help remove hair from hard to reach areas.

Sure no problem. None of the above machines, except for the Tanda, work on grey hairs. So if you want to get rid of those 1-2 grey hairs, you will need to buy the Tanda. If you are not too concerned about the 1-2 greys but want to get rid of all body and facial hair, you can opt for any other machines as I’ve included above. Let me know what you are interested in exactely and I can send you an email with delivery info Regards, Gabby
The rose gold hue of this safety razor somehow makes bathroom accessories chic. And yes, it gets the job done, too. The weighted handle allows the user to simply glide over the area without applying pressure, ultimately reducing the chances of your bathroom looking like a crime scene when you’re done. The one-blade wonder (proof you can get an incredible shave with just one blade) also helps eliminate razor burn and ingrown hairs. While the price might be more than you are used to spending on a razor, this one will last you for years and comes with 10 additional blades.
You mentioned that the softlift tips that the Braun Silk 9579 has for lifting short hair doesn’t make a big difference on the overall performance, but that the Emoji uses a middle lifting finger to lift up short hair as well and is very successful at it. I’m just trying to determine which one would be the absolute best at removing the shortest hair. And are the last four out of the five that you reviewed all strong enough to remove really thick hair?

Natural does not mean allergy free! You may be one of those unlucky people who has an allergic reaction to a particular plant extract. Before putting any new beauty products on your face or a large area of skin, alway patch test a small area and wait 24 hours. If you don’t see any reaction, no redness, you’re safe to use the product. Take note, sugar waxes are the best bet for people who are prone to allergies.

Well, forget all the marketing hype and also the fear-mongering created by people who do not understand this technology. There is a science behind laser hair removal and I created this article and resource to make it as easy as possible for you to determine whether DIY laser hair removal (LHR) is right for you and if so which is the best home device that can help you maximize your results. Hopefully this will save you from walking down the path of frustration!
Just like in Operation. Take the tool between the forefinger and thumb, grasp the hair and tug. As a Tweezerman expert shared with us, there is a magic in the method. “Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage and never yank or tug on brow hairs. Use a pair with a neat precision tip to isolate, lift and then grab the hair from the root”. Isolate, lift, grab – simple.
Although commonly in smaller numbers than guys, all women produce testosterone. Whether testosterone will trip excessive hair development in almost any special girl depends not only on her quantity of circulating testosterone, but in addition her hair follicles’ androgen sensitivity, her insulin sensitivity, as well as the equilibrium of testosterone on the list of body’s other hormones like progesterone and estrogen.
Do bear in mind though that whilst electrolysis is the only recognized way to prevent hair growth permanently, it certainly isn’t the most immediate solution to removing a few hairs, and can take some time. If you’ve got the patience though, or are looking to save time, money, and hassle in the future by permanently resolving persisting hair growth problems, then there is no better option than with electrolysis.
So where does this leave you? It seems like the Silk’n Infinity is an option if you understand the risks and your genital skin color is within the range allowed by the device – see the image posted on the page above. Applying, some common sense to this, if you are going to proceed with this option, do start slowly with a few test areas, and if you see any adverse effects do stop immediately. The Groom+Style team have not tested the Silk’n Infinity on our genitals and would probably suggest it is safer to go to a clinic for this type of hair removal treatment.
Read the Instructions THOROUGHLY – Don't rush into the hair removal process, but take the time to read each line of instructions on the bottle/package carefully before applying the hair removal cream. Trust me, it can save you a lot of pain and discomfort caused by leaving the cream on for too long, or multiple applications because you washed off the cream before it had a chance to work.

Laser hair removal has become popular because of its speed and efficacy, although some of the efficacy is dependent upon the skill and experience of the laser operator, and the choice and availability of different laser technologies used for the procedure. Some will need touch-up treatments, especially on large areas, after the initial set of 3-8 treatments.
Kuulee’s Depilatory Cream is designed to remove unwanted hair and reduce its regrowth while leaving silky smooth skin behind. As such, it’s an excellent alternative to shaving. As well as providing longer-lasting results, using this cream will also achieve a better finish than shaving. Unlike a razor, which cuts strands off at the base and leaves a thick, blunt end, depilatory creams allow hairs to be wiped away from their follicles for a smoother result.

There’s more to shaving than simply running a razor over skin. For the best results, Adam Boulding, a Venus expert, recommends the following: shave with a fresh blade (dispose after 10 uses), shave against the direction of hair growth and pull taught in areas where skin is less firm; use a light touch (its more of a glide over skin as opposed to pushing down); soak hair for a few minutes beforehand and use a shave gel – rather than a potentially skin-drying soap – like Olay and Venus’s Satin Care.
With these laser and ipl hair removal machines at home, you will experience absolute bliss. I have and I am one of those harder cases The good news for you is that you have white skin so the lighter the skin is the better the results from these machines that I have mentioned above. Lighter colored skin and darker color hair is the great! I would recommend buying the Tria 4x laser (above) for your skin color and hair color. It is absolutely safe to use on your bikini line and the entire body (including face!). Yes, the hair after many sessions will completely stop growing No problem about your English, I understood just fine. Best of luck and contact me if you have any more questions or concerns, Gabby.
After using the gentle hair remover cream, you can use the extra care skin conditioning lotion to soothe and moisturize the skin. The kit is also enhanced by collagen and vitamin E to soften and smooth the skin, as well as willow herb and pumpkin seed extracts to reduce the appearance of hair regrowth. Many users found that the vanilla scent is much better than most other hair removal products.