Get naturally smooth legs in as little as three minutes with this Nair Hair Removal Lotion. It has a thick, rich formula that removes hair while leaving your skin feeling soft. Add in a fresh cucumber fragrance and you have an ideal solution for smooth natural legs that last days longer than shaving. This hair removal cream for women has a fresh scent and is formulated with softening baby oil. It's dermatologist tested and can also be used for the underarms and bikini area.

Removing unwanted hair from your body isn't a pain or chore when you choose the right hair removal products. At HSN, you'll find tools that can help you remove hair from nearly every part of your body to reveal soft and smooth skin. If you want to remove hair from the sensitive skin on your face, you have several options. Tweezers and brow shapers help pluck those small eyebrow hairs for a perfect arch. Choose a facial hair epilator to remove hair by the roots for long-lasting results. When you're done, apply a moisturizer to your face to soothe skin and help it glow. You also have several options for removing hair from large parts of your body, such as your legs. A rechargeable epilator has the power to remove thick or coarse hair. If you decide to use a traditional razor, apply an exfoliator first to remove dead skin cells for an even closer and smoother shave. Keep extra blades on hand so you can switch them out when needed. When you shop at HSN, you'll find the right options for hair removal for women to reveal smooth skin without any pain or hassle.
As someone who has had every single form of hair removal in the past including professionally administered laser and IPL treatments, the first thing I am struck by is how I feel absolutely no pain during the treatment, which is simply not the case with the other available options. Curious to know how the heck the company managed to deliver a painless way to remove hair, Bank tells me, “Unlike the professional systems, eHPL technology reaches peak energy faster and for a shorter duration allowing the user to experience essentially pain free treatments. The Silk’n Infinity device also has five energy levels that can be set according to each user’s personal sensitivity and tolerance. Most users report no pain at all or just feeling a slight sensation of heat and tingling when a light pulse is emitted”.
Hello to you in Melbourne You are very welcome. Also apologies for my late reply, I’ve been so busy with Easter and all. Yes I still recommend the Tria 4x, especially for you if you have light olive complexion and fine dark hair (just make sure your hair color is darker than you skin). I’m from Italian heritage so I have the olive complexion but dark hair and it worked amazing on me. I always am trying to keep on top of the blog, so anything new that comes up, I try and get onto it pronto, hence, there hasn’t been an update with the Tria, it’s still favored
Everything you wrote is spot on, 100% right. However, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. They say that the Tria’s pulses of 90,000 are plentiful enough to do remove unwanted hair from your whole body around 300 times. I haven’t run out of pulses and I don’t think many people do so don’t worry, you wont run out of pulses, the hair will be gone well before you run out of pulses :)….. Also keep in mind with every treatment, you have less hair so two things – 1. you don’t need as long to treat each area 2. you don’t need as many pulses as the previous time. Less hair growth = faster and less pulses.
Read the Instructions THOROUGHLY – Don't rush into the hair removal process, but take the time to read each line of instructions on the bottle/package carefully before applying the hair removal cream. Trust me, it can save you a lot of pain and discomfort caused by leaving the cream on for too long, or multiple applications because you washed off the cream before it had a chance to work.
Hi, I want to ask which machine is best for me. I want to use it for body and face, but most for my chin. I really have dark and thick hair and light skin.?And I also want to ask should I shave the place before I use it? Just don’t want to get more hair there. And Is Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx and Remington iLight Pro Plus and Tria Laser 4X are same and if not which one I should get? Thank you!
The first type of epilator was the original Epilady released in Israel, and manufactured by Mepro, in kibbutz Hagoshrim in 1986.[3] The design incorporated a coil spring, which was bowed into a curve such that the coils on one side of the spring were squeezed tightly together while on the other side the coils were spread apart. The motor in the epilady rotated the spring, causing it to flex as it rotated. Moving the rotating spring across the skin caused the hairs to be caught up in the spring and pulled out the hair.[4]
A topical cream called Vaniqa® (eflornithine 13.9%) was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the removal of facial hair in women. This cream works by inhibiting an enzyme that is important for normal hair growth, but must be prescribed by a physician and used on a continuous basis. Studies show that when the cream is discontinued, the hair returns to pretreatment levels after about 8 weeks.
I am always shaving. When I’m not shaving, I’m complaining about how I need to shave. Where I don’t shave, I wax, which means I’m in a constant state of dreading something. Both are imperfect solutions if you prefer to be as hairless as a tooth, as I do, and are worsened by a propensity for being lazy, which I am. Shaving leads to razor burn, ingrowns, 5 o’clock shadow, a debilitating fear of goosebumps and time spent in the shower that I just do not have. Waxing also leads to ingrowns, requires diligent scheduling and an awkward week of growth (thus defeating the whole “hairless” point, no?), plus it hurts. In all my years of waxing, it’s never not been brutal. The last time I got waxed, feet in the air and fury swirling though my body (at the woman ripping hair out of my skin, at myself for paying her to do this, at my inability to accept that my unique and individual physical manifestation of a human female includes hair in places other than the head, brow and eyelid), I decided to put an end to the torture and invest in some laser beams.
– in some cases (typically where people are maybe a bit to eager to see results quickly and over treat an area) temporary pigment/skin colour changes can occur (either darkening or lightening the skin). Once again, follow the instructions and be patient. Another good tip is to stay out of the sun after a treatment, as this can further encourage the skin to produce more melanin.
It is a great benefit that this device is easily portable, but it does mean there are fewer parts than some of the body epilators offer. However, you still get a 2-in-1 system that can easily fit discretely in your handbag or suitcase. It fits comfortably in your hand, and you can handle it as you would mascara, which gives you excellent control and enables you to be extremely precise. Being battery-powered by a regular AA battery, there is no need for you to worry about finding an outlet to power it for your session.
Other ways to get rid of unwanted hair include facial hair bleach to make hair nearly invisible. For complete removal of even coarse hair, try traditional wax strips for the body or face. We also carry shaving products, as well as many types of electric shavers and trimmers for men and women. To completely condition your freshly smooth skin, browse our solutions for aftershave and face lotions.
When it comes to hair removal, finding your holy grail method can be a task. Waxing and threading, for some, are too painful to even consider while shaving is just too much of an effort when you’re going to sprout a stubble faster than you can say smooth skin. This is why a lot of women prefer using hair remover sprays. Not only are they quick and efficient, but they also leave your skin feeling smooth for longer than shaving would. In this article, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite hair remover sprays. But first, let’s look at how these things work.

I have spent years of electrolysis and plucking chin hairs. Now as I age even more hairs are coming in, so I bought this product. I couldn't figure out how to use it so I went to You Tube and found a competitor's video which helped immensely. I am still plucking the stiff regrowth from years of plucking. This product isn't strong enough for those, but it is getting newer hairs quite nicely. Shipping was fast. Product arrived as described with a bonus eyebrow razor. I like that razor.
Once in the bath, stopwatch in hand, I applied the cream, as directed for 5 mins & rinsed thoroughly all around with a sponge, removing all traces. However, regrettably there had been little or no effect. The directions said 5 – 6 mins, but it also said no more than 10 mins, so I reapplied it & went for a 9 minute application, at which point nearly everything was stripped away. After another good rinse I did another 4 min application to the few remaining patches. Then finished off with a light going over with a razor – although this wasn’t really a matter of shaving, by this time, more a matter of scraping away the remaining traces.
The biggest downside to shaving is that the hair will grow back very quickly. No matter how close of a shave you get, you can expect hairs to grow back up and be slightly visible again within a maximum of three days. If you choose to shave the hair, you may have to do it more frequently than you would with other methods. Also, there may be a bit of concern over accidental cuts and skin irritation (the dreaded razor-burn bumps!).
The Phillips Lumea can be used with the battery or plugged in. The battery isn't so long-lasting, so if you are working on a large area, it works better plugged in. This is actually a feature that we love as you can have the freedom to do the treatment without the cord getting in the way for the most part but you can still continue treatment when needed by plugging it in.

I was just curious if there was any update to your top 5? I really want to get one of these but I really only have 1 shot at this! I can’t afford to get more than 1. I know every person is different and you can’t tell me what will work best for me, but is Tria still hands down #1? Any updated news on the Tanda Me Smooth? I have also had trouble finding info on it. thank you!
Great to hear your husband wants to use the machine also, that is awesome. Most of these machines are fine to use for both of you based on the areas of the body that you said, shoulder, back and all over body. The only hesitation I have is that you mentioned that you want to use a hair removal device for grey/white hairs on your face. There is only one hair removal machine that works on grey/white hairs and that is the Tanda Me machine (see above or the newest Tanda machine here). The only machines such as the Tria, Remington or Silk’n don’t work on grey/white hair. Otherwise, if you aren’t too concerned regarding the odd few grey/white hairs, the Remington (the i-light pro above is good but because your husband wants to use it and men tend to have thicker, coarser hair, I would suggest the more powerful Remington I-Light machine here). I would have suggested Tria but they don’t ship to us here in Aus (updated 2014: if you live in Australia, leave a comment or send me an email so I can help you on how to get the Tria shipped to you in Aus) if you and may not be easy for your husband to use on large body areas such as the back either. Hope that helps. Regards, Gabby
I followed the instructions and all the hair was GONE! I didn't even feel stubble. I recently tried another product but it pulled (more liked ripped) the hairs out and it was agony but there was literally no pain with this one. The skin on my face has not felt this smooth in years. I plan to purchase another one of these just to keep handy. This will easily become part of my grooming routine since its so easy to use. I highly recommend this for anyone who has a low pain threshold, is on a budget and has the patience to make this part of their grooming/beauty routine Yeah yeah, it's awesome hormones. But I still have to deal with it. No more do I have to worry about the stray hair when out, nor painful plucking. I just whip out my Finishing Touch hair remover when I find
The Braun Gillette Venus Silk is one of the most versatile options around, as it can treat light to medium skin colors and light to black hair. It doesn't hurt as much as some other options, especially when you make sure to shave areas before using it. As a corded device, you can keep using it for as long as needed, so that you don't have to interrupt your treatment session to charge it. Pro tip: Use protective glasses to keep your eyes safe from the flash.
I wanted to try this a few times before giving my review. I have never epilated But wanted to try it on my legs because I can't stand shaving anymore. Ok yes, the first time it does hurt. The first time I dry brushed my legs, exfoliated with scrub and then epilated when dry. I didn't get all of the hairs but epilated two days later it hurt less. I then waited another two days and got the remaining. Anyone else looking at my legs wouldn't have seen the hairs and I think only I would know the difference. The first time it was a little bumpy and red but after the second time I not longer get those bumps.
APPLY CREAM OUTSIDE OF SHOWER: Skin must be dry before application. Unplug pump and turn counterclockwise to dispense cream into palm of hand. Apply an even, thick layer to cover hair. DO NOT RUB IN. Repeat until the entire area where hair to be removed is covered. Wash hands immediately after application. Wait at least 1 minute before showering. DO NOT EXCEED 10 MINUTES of total application time.
*Offer valid from 11/23/18 – 12/14/18. Enter promo code MERRY18 at checkout to receive savings. Offer applies only to orders placed at and shipped within the continental U.S. is operated by BrandShop. Offer may not be combined with any other promotion. Offer is subject to early termination at any time without notice. Previous purchases are not eligible for this discount. Excludes Bun-2-Done Model #HS70QBX and #HS70QBL.

How to use it: This hair removal cream works in as little as three minutes, and you should certainly expect serious results in ten minutes. Cool, eh? You'll need to apply this Nair product to dry skin. You're working towards a thick, even layer, but you definitely do not want to work it into your skin (or you can expect some negative results). Wash your hands immediately after application and then wait at least a minute before showering. 

One thing pretty much anyone can agree on? Unwanted facial hair is a pain, both literally and figuratively. It’s a problem even our beauty director Heather Muir Maffei struggled with for years. She tried everything from at-home waxing kits, to depilatory creams, to questionable salon services—until she discovered this tiny gadget. The pocket-sized battery-operated razor swipes off peach fuzz in one swift motion—and the white and rose gold design makes an embarrassing beauty task feels somehow glamorous.  To buy: $20;
Thank you for such a wonderful review, I was just wondering what you would think the best epilator would be for me. I want one that is good for my bikini area, underarms and legs. I have thick coarse hair and need something that will be fairly efficient. I have been looking at either the Braun Silk-Epil 9579 or the Braun Silk-Epil 7681 but didn’t want to buy one if it would not fit and be good at all the crevices for bikini and underarms. I have a budget of around 150$. If you could let me know the epilator you would suggest for this that would be great!

I'll be honest, I use this on areas that it specifically says not to use it on, as well as my legs are arms. There is a smell and it does leave my skin feeling a little weird [rubbery? I'm not sure what the right word is] for a few hours, but it sure beats spending a ton on razors and it's MUCH faster. I do sometimes have to leave it on a little longer, so if you feel like it didn't do anything, try leaving it on longer but if you feel a burn wash it off immediately.

Waxing is best done by a professional, it's not worth risking burns or causing scabs doing it at home, and salons can select the most safe and gentle formulas for the face. Depending on your pain threshold it can be pretty unpleasant or you might just feel a wincey tug, but either way waxing provides clean hair removal for up to a month and costs around the same price as threading – which, of course, varies. The best way to make your waxing experience less painful is to do it regularly so you can target the different stages of hair growth.
This product does not include a spatula, so after leaving an even layer of the cream on your skin for 5-10 minutes, simply wipe the cream away with a wet cloth. This Veet product received top marks from customers and various review sites, which dubbed it the all-around best hair removal cream. Most users found that the scent on this gel cream is significantly better than competing hair removal creams.