A few years ago, I was like many of you, frustrated by ineffective hair removal methods and put off by the prohibitive costs of professional treatment. While I was excited by the prospects of DIY laser treatment, the feedback from others who have tried this method seems to be mixed and made me nervous. For some it appears to be nothing short of a life changer while for others…it makes them want to tear their hair out (no pun intended) and some have even gone as far as to declare this whole laser hair removal thing a scam!
Moom for Men’s Organic Hair Remover is 100% natural and certified organic. As such, it’s a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair. Although the product is specifically designed to tackle male body hair, it’s still gentle enough to be used by sensitive skin types. So, if you find that other depilatory creams are too harsh on your skin, Moom for Men may be the ideal alternative for you.
Now, the not so good news: The process I just described above must be repeated hundreds of times to adequately remove hair from an entire leg. It took me 20 minutes per leg to remove all the hair! Granted, it took me a while just to get the hang of it, and I was continuously experimenting and tweaking my motions to see if I could perfect the process. But as far as I'm concerned, you can't really perfect it. It's tedious and tricky to get the back of your legs just because of the angle at which the pads must be held in order for them to be effective.
Thanks for contacting me. Don’t worry, most people that contact me are just like you having no idea about hair removal machines/treatments. I would advise not using any of the machines on your scalp, usually men tend to have no fear and use it on their face when the machines aren’t actually tested or recommended for use there but I would advise against use on the scalp, I just haven’t heard enough ‘talk’ about it there. In regards to the genital areas, this is another hot topic when it comes to both men and women alike, for men, it’s one of those things that people say, proceed with caution. The problem is that these areas are ‘very sensitive’ so the skin is sensitive and combine that with thick, coarse hair growth you can’t get carried away. I would be cautious of course but it does get done by quite a few men on a VERY low setting (i.e don’t think you can use it on a high setting in these areas).
Head-shaving is a part of some Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jain and Hindu traditions.[citation needed] Buddhist and Christian monks generally undergo some form of head-shaving or tonsure during their induction into monastic life;[citation needed] in Thailand monks shave their eyebrows as well.[citation needed] Brahmin children have their heads ritualistically shaved before beginning school.[citation needed] The Amish religion forbids men from having mustaches, as they are associated with the military.[17]
Sound too good to be true? There is a catch: Epilating isn't for everyone. The tool works best on fair skin tones with dark hair, says Rosemarie Ingleton, a dermatologist in New York City. "Epilators are incredibly traumatic to your skin, so darker skin tones can develop discoloration after prolonged use," she previously told Allure. First-timers might also find the experience a bit unpleasant (imagine a tweezer yanking out hair, one by one), but the feeling is said to become increasingly tolerable and painless after continued use.
Armpits, considered a small area, are the cheapest option: $55 for a single session; $279 for a package of six. Brazilian, a larger area, is $129 for a single session, $649 for a package of six. Legs, a giant area (?), which I’ll start from thigh to ankle in September because I am not one of those people who “doesn’t have to shave above the knee,” are $270 for a single session, $1,379 for a package of six.
Side Effects – With shaving, the worst side effect you can expect is a bit of razor burn or the occasional nick. Hair removal creams, sadly, have a few more effects. People with darker hair may end up with a dark shadow (five o'clock shadow) as well as dark spots on the skin. The chemicals may also irritate very sensitive skin, leading to rashes and skin irritation.

Unlike waxing, sugaring only pulls out the hairs and doesn’t disturb the surface of the skin. “Hot wax attaches to the hair and the skin, pulling skin cells with it as it is removed. This is not only painful, but can cause redness, swelling, inflammation, and even bruising,” says dermatologist Howard Sobel, M.D. “If the wax is too hot, it can also burn your skin, especially in sensitive areas. Sugaring is a more gentle method of hair removal as the paste does not stick to your skin—it only attaches to the hair.” This minimizes the amount of irritation to the area and pain during the process. The sugar paste is also more malleable than hard wax, which allows it to get all the way down to the root. This makes it less likely to break off hairs at the surface.
If you know Sona for laser hair removal, Botox, CoolSculpting, or any of our other services, you know that we are dedicated to providing a full-service experience that focuses on convenience, quality, and efficacy. We’re very excited to announce the addition of medical dermatology to our suite of services, now available in select locations. Now Sona offers complete care for the health and beauty of your skin.

I would be concerned with the Tria as to how dark your olive skin is. Is there a difference between your hair color and skin color? Just to let you know that the Tria becomes less effective the darker your skin is. If you tend to tan quite a bit now, in Summer, then you might be better off with the Tanda as I’ve mentioned above (better for darker skin colors). I can email you details of the Tria if you wish, just let me know.
Like the Sally Hansen, this cream tends to burn those with sensitive skin.  And we cannot recommend leaving it on for more than 10 minutes, because it will burn pretty much anyone after that. Another, albeit less serious downside to this product is the smell. “New improved scent” be darned, we still think it stinks. The price is a bit high at $18, but you’ll get four bottles in the package, which is a fine deal. Though not for those with sensitive skin, this is good stuff for getting rid of coarse hair.

Of all the beauty treatments out there, removing your facial hair (or any hair, for that matter) is one of the least pleasant activities — but it doesn't have to be difficult as long as you choose the right method for your preferences, hair type, and needs. If you want to get rid of that fuzz along your upper lip, hairs on your chin, or sprouts between your brows, here's what you need to know about each possible method.
Available in two variants for fine to medium hair and medium to coarse hair, this kit from Olay consists of two products to give you a great hair removal experience. This kit contains one hair removal cream and one skin soothing balm. The kit takes around 8 minutes to give you a visibly smoother and hair-free skin. It can be used to remove hair from chin, jaw, upper lips and cheeks. The skin guarding balm needs to be used first to prepare the skin for the removal process and it also protects the skin from coming in direct contact with the hair removal cream. It forms a barrier between the skin and the cream so that the chemicals only work on the hair and not on the skin. You can massage the balm into the skin and then leave it for a few minutes before starting with the hair removal cream. Another feature of this cream is that it works for sensitive skin also without causing any burns or skin irritation. The price of this product is a little high but you can get it at a discount online.
The way laser hair removal works, I soon discovered from a quick bit of precautionary research, is that pulses of highly concentrated light are emitted from the laser into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and that destroys the hair. When I read that 90 percent of laser hair removal patients who are good candidates for the procedure report permanent hair loss after an average of three to six sessions, I was sold. “Chewbacca be gone,” I vowed to myself. “Next year, I am getting my legs lasered.”
How effective is it? Because waxing removes hair at the root, the results can last up to four weeks. You’ll need to let hair grow to about a quarter of an inch before you can wax again. And while you can safely wax at any time of the month, it may be more painful if you do so in the days leading up to your period because skin is more sensitive. Taking some ibuprofen before your appointment may help.

Hi Kristi, personally the redness goes away relatively quickly for me (30 minutes or so), but it could vary with people..what you could do is to start off with the lowest setting or intensity to test things out and gradually increase it once you become comfortable. I like to use a cold Aloe Vera gel (that I keep in the fridge) for post-treatment – I find that really soothing :)….but I guess any simple soothing gel/ cream would have a similar effect!
Thank you so much for replying to my comment. Emjoi seems not to be available in Europe and need power converting device so sounds too much trouble. I’ve been reading many reviews on Amazon but most of them are first timer epilator users. That’s why I’m turning to you. Do you think there’s significant difference between Braun 9 and 7 series? Is it worth spending extra for 9 series as it claims to remove much more hair at once?
If you’re practically religious about shaving and fear running out of fresh blades, try Billie: a women’s shaving subscription. The starter pack gets you the handle, two cartridges—featuring five sharp blades surrounded by 360 degrees of soothing aloe—and a handy mount for your shower. Based on your shaving habits, Billie will send you four more cartridges on a monthly, bimonthly, or every three-month basis. The best part? These razors are super affordable, as they eliminate the so-called "pink tax" that makes women’s shaving products more expensive.
Laser technology has enabled us to achieve permanent hair removal, which is a huge advantage for many people who are tired of removing hair from the same places over and over again. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles with specially configured lasers to slow down hair growth and eventually prevent it from growing at all. This is done through multiple laser treatments to achieve a permanent hair removal effect. Laser hair removal can only be done at trained and licensed laser hair removal businesses. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is heavily dependent on the patients’ skin tone, with darker skin tones requiring much more caution in determining suitability for treatment.
Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Amazon.com assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

That said, it can take a little longer to fully work on thicker hair. "Some hair is just very resistant, and sometimes new ones come out due to hormonal changes or other hair bulbs becoming active during the treatment period," explains Dr. Birnur Aral, Director of the Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab, who has personal experience with laser hair removal.
I’ve received many emails & comments from readers asking me which device is ideal for their particular needs and condition. I realize the majority pertains to the intended area of use (face, legs, underarms  etc.). So I’ve attempted to split them into two main categories and created summary reviews for each (these are shorter than those on this main page so it can also be helpful if you are short on time) 

From our investigations of this subject, it would appear that laser hair removal can work on male facial hair. However, the fact that male facial hair is so thick and coarse, and has much deeper roots, means that treatment would require a professional to get the right laser intensity and treatment frequency/protocol. Manufacturers of at home laser hair removal and IPL products cannot run the risk of marketing their products for male facial hair as the risk of a man using the product incorrectly and injuring themselves is just to great i.e. male facial hair treatment would require a higher intensity for the treatment to be effective which in turn increases the risk of side effects.
The pros that I see with the 4.2 Silk’n Glide Infinity, is that it is corded, which eliminates charging the device. But also, that it says it will remove the blonde and gray hairs. The Tria specifically states that that the Hair Removal Laser 4X works with the dark pigment in the hair, lighter hair colors such as white, blond, red, or gray will not absorb enough of the laser’s energy to disable the hair follicle.
Do you pride yourself on keeping your bald head smooth and fuzz-free? If so, then you need to get SoftSheen-Carson’s Magic Razorless Cream Shave. Specially created for bald heads and formulated for black men, this top cream will help keep your head free from hair without the use of a razor. Thanks to its light and fresh scent, this product will not only have your head looking great, but it’ll also leave it smelling superb.

The practice serves to cultivate a group oriented environment through the process of removing exterior signs of individuality.[citation needed] In many militaries head-shaving is mandatory for males when beginning their training. However, even after the initial recruitment phase, when head-shaving is no longer required, many soldiers maintain a completely or partially shaven hairstyle (such as a "high and tight", "flattop" or "buzz cut") for personal convenience and an exterior symbol of military solidarity.[citation needed] Head-shaving is not required and is often not allowed of females in military service, although they must have their hair cut or tied to regulation length.[citation needed]

Once you have the go-ahead (and have read the instructions to know what you’re doing), there’s a terrific digital user interface on the 4X which helps you select one of five strength settings (starting low is a good idea) and counts the number of laser pulses you’ve administered during the session (the instructions explain the proper number of pulses required for each area).
You can do this at home or you can have it done by a professional in a salon. Hot waxing can be messy and painful and may leave some hairs behind because they can break off. Infection is one side effect to watch for. If the wax is too hot, you may get a burn. You should not use this method if you also use certain types of prescription acne creams (such as Retin-A) or take isotretinoin. If you do, the wax will pull your skin off. Many women use this hair removal method in the bikini area and to remove hair on the upper lip.

Hello, I am new to self-waxing, done it many times in the salon. I’m interested in the Gigi Student Starter Kit you mentioned. Might be just a newbie question, but if i’m using the wax for myself, do i warm the wax, use what i need, and throw out the remaining wax in the warmer each time? Or is the remaining wax in the warmer reusable by heating the next time I need?
From our investigations of this subject, it would appear that laser hair removal can work on male facial hair. However, the fact that male facial hair is so thick and coarse, and has much deeper roots, means that treatment would require a professional to get the right laser intensity and treatment frequency/protocol. Manufacturers of at home laser hair removal and IPL products cannot run the risk of marketing their products for male facial hair as the risk of a man using the product incorrectly and injuring themselves is just to great i.e. male facial hair treatment would require a higher intensity for the treatment to be effective which in turn increases the risk of side effects.

Do not pluck or wax the hair between laser treatments. In order for hair removal equipment to work properly, the root of the hair must be intact so that it can absorb the high heat. Waxing and plucking remove hair at the root, so it will not be able to be destroyed by the laser. If possible, refrain from shaving as well. This leaves plenty of hair growth to be fully destroyed by the laser treatment. The treatment will then be permanent.
Many people will say that they don't like corded devices, as the cords tend to get in the way. This is something that you'll want to consider before buying your machine. Cordless machines are nice in that you don't have to worry about being close to an outlet to use it but their battery life tends to be quite poor. When the battery dies, you'll have to take the time to charge it, which means an even longer hair removal session. When you have a corded option, you can use it for as long as is necessary.
When time's tight, having a ladies’ shaver on hand lets you quickly get rid of any hair if you're in a hurry. Modern designs can access those awkward spots more easily, so it's easy to give underarms a quick shave. If you're heading off to the beach or the pool, get swimsuit-ready with a bikini trimmer. When you’re holiday ready make sure to pack lots of beautiful bikinis for the beach. And, matching maxi dresses for a relaxed summer style.
The benefit of having more tweezers is that you can get results a lot quicker. That, of course, comes with the trade-off that you will feel more discomfort because more hairs are being removed at once. Generally, though, the epilators with a larger number of tweezers will come with a cap to reduce the number of available tweezers. That way you can still slowly get yourself used to the sensation, and once you become a seasoned pro at epilating, you will appreciate the speed at which you can whip those hairs out!
Overall, we like this simple design of this IPL device. While it is simple, it packs a punch in the number of flashes and the coverage it is capable of in a short space of time. We also like that it is multifunctional and that you can buy different heads for it if you want to utilize IPL for different types of treatments, such as skin rejuvenation.

Some women also shave their heads for cultural or social reasons. In India, tradition required widows in some sections of the society to shave their heads as part of being ostracized (see Women in Hinduism § Widowhood and remarriage). The outlawed custom is still infrequently encountered mostly in rural areas. The society at large and the government are working to end the practice of ostracizing widows.[8] In addition, it continues to be common practice for men to shave their heads prior to embarking on a pilgrimage.
Excellent, you have the perfect skin color! Light/biege skin with dark hair means that you can choose any machine you want according to your budget. The higher priced machines means they are newer and more effective (i.e you will see results ALOT quicker) and more permanent results. The top picks are Tria and Remington as above. I am from Australia so if you want the Tria shipped to you in Australia, let me know as shipping to Australia is not ‘default’. I can help you out through Australia Post – let me know!
Want a Bliss spa-level treatment without the price tag? You can take the popular wax home with you with the Poetic Waxing hair removal kit. It's accompanied with everything you need for silky smooth skin. The low-temperature, no-strip wax hardens quickly, making it a fast and effortless process. Its innovative formula is designed to act like shrink-wrap, surrounding the hair follicle to remove even the most coarse, stubborn stubble.

Step one to reaching at-home laser/IPL bliss is having realistic expectations. Despite the visions of eternal freedom from shaving that "permanent hair removal" conjures, neither laser nor IPL (at-home or professional versions) are truly designed to remove 100 percent of the hair on your chosen area. Rather, they're meant to significantly reduce the amount of hair that grows there, in some cases by as much to 80 to 90 percent. Nothing to sneeze at, but don't pack away your other removers just yet. In the case of at-home devices, you can expect that effect to be somewhat reduced, since they simply aren't allowed to pack the same kind of power as the ones at your doctor's office. "They are designed to be extremely safe, but to accomplish this their energy levels are much weaker than what you can get in the office," explains Zeichner.
There’s more to shaving than simply running a razor over skin. For the best results, Adam Boulding, a Venus expert, recommends the following: shave with a fresh blade (dispose after 10 uses), shave against the direction of hair growth and pull taught in areas where skin is less firm; use a light touch (its more of a glide over skin as opposed to pushing down); soak hair for a few minutes beforehand and use a shave gel – rather than a potentially skin-drying soap – like Olay and Venus’s Satin Care.

Finally...I can stop spnding an hour in the shower every 2 days shaving and shaving until I have a smooth finish, right up until the next morning when I'm prickly and annoyed that I waste so much of my life shaving only to end up with irritated, dry, itchy skin from shaving constantly. I have tried everything and have many creams, razors, waxes, tweezers, and other epilators. I even tried those horrible mitts one time that were supposed to "buff" hair off your legs, but does nothing and is actually just sand paper that turns your skin raw.
Also…. I have already spent a 1.5 years trying IPL salon treatments, not to mention the couple of $K to fund it. After 12months my hair thinned, was patchy and the growth cycle slowed but it was still growing back thick again as soon as I stopped treatment for a two month. In the end I could not afford to keep up the treatment at $340/month. It was so frustrating to spend so much money but still not have great results.
The key to good depilatory use is following the directions. That means no dabbing the extra bit of leg cream onto your upper lip (the formula will be more potent and more likely to irritate your sensitive facial skin), no leaving it on for a few extra minutes (again, redness, irritation, and the general opposite of the smooth lovely skin you're aiming for) and no putting it on over abrasions or using it numerous days in a row (why would you do that to yourself?).
Electrolysis uses an electrical current to destroy the follicle's stem cells, thus preventing future growth. Most modern units blend electrolysis and thermolysis, utilizing both electricity and heat to stop follicle growth and offer a permanent solution for hair removal. Because it is current-based and not light-based, it can be used on all hair and skin colors – although it is especially beneficial for gray/silver hairs. However, there is an increased risk of pigmentary changes and keloid scarring on Fitzpatrick IV and V skin tones. Because of the potential for skin damage, most professionals do not recommend home-use electrology tools. This method of hair removal requires skill and knowledge of the anatomy of the hair. Improper needle depth insertion, incorrect current settings and using the tool at the wrong cycle of hair growth can result in ineffective treatments and a waste of money. Overall, the FDA has approved many electrology devices for permanent hair removal at home because they operate under the same technology as professional units, but at a lower voltage and current to help prevent any user-inflicted damage. If a client has the time, patience, understanding and is willing to learn, he/she can perform electrology at home. 
Athletes may depilate as an enhancement to their abilities. For example, male and female competitive swimmers may remove their body and pubic hair[citation needed] in order to help streamline their bodies and to allow their swimsuits to fit more closely to their bodies.[16] Bicyclists also remove body hair to decrease the effects of "road rash" by minimizing the tearing action of hair against pavement during a bike crash and to provide easier injury clean-up afterward. Hairfree legs also are described as increasing the comfort and effectiveness of sport massages.[citation needed]

One thing pretty much anyone can agree on? Unwanted facial hair is a pain, both literally and figuratively. It’s a problem even our beauty director Heather Muir Maffei struggled with for years. She tried everything from at-home waxing kits, to depilatory creams, to questionable salon services—until she discovered this tiny gadget. The pocket-sized battery-operated razor swipes off peach fuzz in one swift motion—and the white and rose gold design makes an embarrassing beauty task feels somehow glamorous.  To buy: $20; amazon.com.

For those who partake in the act, hair removal can feel like a full-time job. Between eyebrow waxes, bikini laser sessions, and plain-old shaving in the shower, it's easy to ponder all the better ways we could be spending our time. If you prefer to remove hair from your face, then you know such acts can be rather time-consuming. Enter: the new Gillette Venus Face Perfection. The makers of your beloved Venus razor have just entered the facial hair-removal arena.

Thanks for your comment. No I have never heard of the Rio machine, not very popular worldwide for hair removal. Since you asked me, I did some research and looked at the specs etc and I can’t say that I am that impressed with the machines. I would recommend going for a machine that is more globally known and has more track history such as the machines I have suggested, hence why I summarized the best and most popular and also the safest for treatment on your skin to avoid any injuries or side effects. If you need any other help deciding which of the above machines suits you, let me know your skin color, hair color, area of the body you wish to treat so I can try and assist you better. Regards, Gabby
For me, the ideal use of this product is to tame my wild eyebrows that my mother always wanted to tweeze. To use the hair remover, move it in circles on the area where you want to remove hair. While I would describe a slight tug when you first put it to the skin, that goes away quickly and you feel nothing but the vibration of the machine. It also comes with a light to help see the hairs you’re targeting.
As someone who has had every single form of hair removal in the past including professionally administered laser and IPL treatments, the first thing I am struck by is how I feel absolutely no pain during the treatment, which is simply not the case with the other available options. Curious to know how the heck the company managed to deliver a painless way to remove hair, Bank tells me, “Unlike the professional systems, eHPL technology reaches peak energy faster and for a shorter duration allowing the user to experience essentially pain free treatments. The Silk’n Infinity device also has five energy levels that can be set according to each user’s personal sensitivity and tolerance. Most users report no pain at all or just feeling a slight sensation of heat and tingling when a light pulse is emitted”.
This device is slowly gaining momentum with the community of the hair free cult but I think with a little more of a push from the company it could be beating the competition in no time. I do think this machine is good but I have had to rank it as no. 4 because I have not been able to test it out fully. I do not have blonde hair myself so I had to go off the results of my best friend (and take her word for it too).
Generally, you can only wax on, wax off once. When you wax an area and all of the hair doesn't come off, you shouldn't try to wax over it again, or skin can become irritated or even bleed. That can be pretty frustrating if large patches of hair are left, so you'll have to tweeze or shave them. (On some skin types, hard wax can be applied more than once in a row.)
You can buy a good facial hair removal cream for around 5$ to 20$ depending on the brand and the formula. Go for safer and gentle formulas even if it means that you have to spend a little more money as your facial skin is very sensitive and needs the extra care. You can go for a pack of 2 or 3 creams to save some money if the formula suits your skin.
Suitable for all skin types, this facial hair removal cream has a fresh tropical fragrance and removes all types of facial hair in just two minutes. It comes in a compact tube packaging which is easy to use and can be carried in any bag. The consistency of the cream is soft and it removes dark and coarse hair also. You can use it on any length of hair as it works on soft stubble as well as long hair. It can be used on sensitive skin also and leaves the skin soft and smooth without any redness.  It also makes your makeup look and feel smoother on the skin after you use the cream. It does leave a very mild irritation on the skin which subsides after a few hours but there are no other side effects. The cream is available in a single pack and a pack of three also if you want to buy 3 tubes together. The price of the product is very affordable as compared to the quantity.
I am thinking to buy one of hair removal devices for upper lip and chin. I wonder about the side-effects like red marks after the procedure and others, what are they and how long it lasts? What are recommended products to use after laser removal that it won’t be so visible next day? Does daily cream and other face products affect this area after hair removal in any way?
Laser hair removal can be expensive. Achieving desired results typically requires multiple trips to a doctor or spa. If you want the benefits of laser hair removal without the expensive price tag, one option is buying an at-home laser hair removal kit. At-home treatments are cost-effective and convenient. You’re able to complete hair removal treatments around your schedule in the comfort of your home.

Sugaring: Djerradine also has clients who whip up their own sugaring mixtures at home. (What is sugaring? It's a form of waxing comprised of a wax-like paste made typically out of sugar, lemon, and water, but is gentler than commercial wax.) If you're the serious Pinterest type, try this fantastic DIY at-home tutorial. Everyone else, see below.Try: Parissa Body Sugar Chamomile, $13, Parissa.com. To use it, warm the sugar paste, spread a thin layer over the area you wish to remove hair, apply the fabric strip over the wax, and then swiftly pull the strip away from your skin, removing your hair with it.
The Silk’n Infinity is a small, high-speed home pulsed light (HPL) device. It combines HPL with galvanic energy to give you deeper-reaching light and faster treatment times. It is one of the fastest hair removal options in the Silk’n product line, and not only that but it is also painless and shouldn’t cause you irritation. It is fast, convenient, and can give you as much as a 92% reduction in your hair growth, for a range of different hair colours and skin tones!
When using the Sensitive Formula, leave the cream on your skin for 5 minutes, and then use the spatula to gently remove a small test area of cream. If the hair comes away easily, use the wider or narrower end of the spatula depending on the body part, to remove the rest. If your hair is more stubborn, you can leave the cream on for up to 10 minutes in total - but don’t leave it any longer.