It hurts but it works :) I haven't shaved my legs in months and used to have to every 3-4 days. I've honestly seen the best results on my armpits, though; I used to shave them every other day but since I epilated two weeks ago I've seen no hair growth and no hair shadow. Way more convenient than waxing, too, because you can target individual shorter hairs as they grow in rather than waiting for everything to grow back a certain length.
Update: This is the latest product from Tria: I would just like to add a quick note here. Tria manufactures two hair removal machines and people are often confused about them and what the difference is. Tria has the above 4X version and it also has a smaller version (see the pic on the right, you can also get more info here) which they developed for people that wanted a handy little hair removal machine for smaller areas of the body and also to remove hair on the face.
Nad's for Men Hair Removal Cream is a fast acting depilatory cream for quick, painless hair removal at home. Our cream delivers effective results that last longer than shaving by dissolving the hair just below the skin surface while protecting the skin with gentle aloe vera. The extra strength cream is specially formulated for coarse male body hair and is effective in as little as four minutes. Suitable for all skin types, the cream is ready to use and can be used in the shower for chest, back, arms, and legs taking the fuss out of men's hair removal.
Thinking about getting the Remington IPL6000f I-light pro for my son. He has a hairy naevi on his shiulder with darker pigmentation and has had a couple of salon treatments It seems to have a larger light emitting head than some of the others. Disadvantage is having to replace the cartridges but 65000 shots seems to be a reasonable number. Curious to know how difficult it is to use on back and shoulders without someone shaving his back and doing it for him? Problem of doubling up on certain areas.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Braun Silk- 9 is the gold-standard of epilators as far as we’re concerned. Not only is this the best epilator Braun has to offer by far, but this kit is a complete epilation system, giving you everything you need to remove your unwanted hair and keep your skin looking its best. It removes hairs as short as 0.5 mm long so that you can be silky-smooth for up to 4 weeks!
Tina Zillmann is a practicing aesthetician and Licensed Hair Removal Professional with expertise on innovative aesthetic treatments and post-surgical care. As Vice President and Director of Skin Rejuvenation Clinique, Inc. and Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts, she is fluent on all aspects of business ownership, product formulations, employee relations and retailing. Her endeavors have awarded her with the Female Entrepreneur of the Year award through the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Presidency of Aesthetic International Association from 2009-2010, Advisory Board Member for the American Electrology Association, and reviewer for Milady textbooks and learning materials.

Remington iLight Ultra: is a cost-effective solution for unwanted hair on large areas including the legs, chest, and back. Remington features a large treatment window for easy use.Corded use allows for long treatment sessions. Quartz cartridges contain 65,000 flashes, which last 30x longer than traditional cartridges. Cartridges must be replaced, but one quartz can last two years or longer.*Includes facial attachment.
Regardless of which area you're looking to de-fuzz, laser hair removal can help. In a matter of minutes, hair follicles are destroyed with minimal discomfort. Using highly concentrated energy, hair follicles are targeted and pulses of light are emitted. The laser's energy is attracted to the pigment of hair, the same way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing. For this reason, laser hair removal work best on those with dark, coarse hair and a fair complexion. However, people without this combination can still get great results. Unlike many of our competitors, Ideal Image offers multiple types of lasers in our centers to treat a variety of skin types and complexions, including those with darker skin tones. Everyone's skin is different, which is why we will customize your treatment package during your FREE consultation to ensure you achieve the best results possible.
Please remember the goal is not to have the burning smell of the hair, but for the laser to penetrate to the darker pigment of the hair shaft. In fact, from what I understand, the light travels through the skin to the hair bulb where the highest concentration of Melanin is – the light does not travel “through” the hair shaft. It is best to shave, as per the instructions. The IPL works below the skin and is still effective when the hairs are not visible.
FDA cleared, clinically tested and UV free, Lumilisse painlessly removes hair from arms, underarms, legs, bikini area – even men’s back and chest hair (not suitable for men’s beards). A separate attachment for facial hair is included, for use below the cheekbones. Lumilisse’s Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology works below the skin’s surface to impede the growth cycle of hair. Pulsed light targets hair right at the root and prevents it from growing back. Over time, with continued IPL use, more hair will be treated. Lumilisse has 2 speed modes. It also includes a Skin Color Sensor which reads the skin tone of the targeted area and automatically adjusts the light intensity. Even 6 months after treatment ends, you should see over 75% less hair.*
Discover different tools and techniques for removing body hair at the surface or at the root, and find the best hair removal method, or methods, for your specific needs. You can remove body hair in a number of ways, whether at the surface or by the root. Some women may just use one method to remove body hair, while others will use multiple hair removal methods depending on what body part they want to remove hair from and for what occasion. Either way, learning about the various options can help ensure you choose the right one(s) for you.
If you have sensitive skin and want to play it safe, this cream was developed for you. The removal cream is designed to be gentle and the balm will quell any irritation that remains. Infused with papaya enzymes, the balm not only soothes, but slows the growth rate of new facial hair. Having to use it less often saves you time and money. With two products in one box for under $7, this is a great deal. This cream doesn’t stink at all. In fact, it’s about as odorless as they come. It’s nice to have a cream that won’t irritate your nose or your skin!
Product Condition: NEW BOX DAMAGED (see photos) Physical Condition: NO VISIBLE MARKS Accessories included in this sale: BRAUN HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE GILLETTE VENUS RAZOR GILLETTE VENUS CARTRIDGE AC ADAPTER MANUAL Time between flashes 2.0 – 3.0 sec Speed (lower leg) 10 min. Number of flashes (Lamp lifetime) 250,000 Unique SensoAdapt skin tone sensor ✓ Gentle Mode ✓ Energy levels on Normal Mode 3 Extras Gillette Venus About the product ---Clinically tested IPL for permanent hair reduction ---The only IPL with SensoAdapt technology for a safe and effective treatment ---Treat a lower leg in just 10 minutes ---Gentle mode for IPL beginners or sensitive areas ---Includes Gillette Venus Original razor.
I ended up liking these, but not for their intended purpose. They didn't do very well at removing hair...I always had a few strays (on my legs, never tried it anywhere else). However, I liked it for exfoliating right before I stepped into the shower. My skin is pretty dry and this made it super smooth. I buffed in circles (a few times in one direction and then a few times in the other direction....otherwise you could really irritate your skin). Even though I liked them, I probably wouldn't buy them again. It seems like it's just super fine grit sandpaper and I don't want to keep throwing trash away.
"For a majority of women it is age-related; the hormonal shift begins years before menopause, but accelerates during menopause. There are some underlying hormonal abnormalities that can also cause these changes when women have certain tumors or endocrine conditions. They can cause abnormal hair growth in women independent of age. These women should be evaluated by a doctor," says Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City.
2. Remington – The basic Remington that I have reviewed on my site, each cartridge lasts 1,500 flashes. The better Remington I-light machines, the I-Light Pro Plus and the Remington Quartz, their cartridges last 3,000 flashes and 30,000 respectively (yes the Quartz lasts 30,000 – that is not a type, you pay a little more upfront but it’s the latest model from Remington and the best and most cost effective over the long run).
What It Does : Gone are the sticky, gooey, honey-based waxes of the past. In their place are soy waxes, a creamy lotion that's applied to skin, but adheres only to the hair. Strips of specially prepared cloth are layered over the cream. When the mixture dries, in just a few minutes, the cloths are removed (think of pulling off a bandage) and poof! The hair is gone.

Waxing is considered an older method, however soy-based wax is now available. Soy-based wax is better than older waxes because the wax doesn’t stick to your skin, only the hair. Some people feel a sting for a couple of seconds when the wax is pulled off of the skin. Although fairly inexpensive to do at home (a few dollars per application), waxing is best done in a salon or spa where the temperature of the wax is controlled so there’s less of a chance of burning your skin, which can cause scarring. Since waxing removes the entire hair root, your skin may get pink or red and feel tender. You should apply an antibacterial lotion after each treatment.

The excessive facial hair growth can be greatly curtailed by this egg mask. Not only is it sticky, which makes the mask stick to all your facial hair and help you peel the excess growth off once it is dry, but also nourishes your skin. Eggs are full of protein, which infuses the collagen booster your skin needs after a long day. Just grab a bowl, take the egg white and mix it with a tablespoon of cornstarch and sugar. Keep beating until you get a smooth mixture. Apply the paste on your face, and let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes. When the mask dries and is hard enough, peel it off quickly. Rinse your face with cold water after peeling. For best results, follow the regime at least twice a week, however, the mask may not prove effective for acne prone people. It can result in clogging of pores and an increased risk of breakouts.(Also Read: 5 Effective Home Remedies For Cracked Heels)
The skin tone chart serves only as a representation of skin tones that are suitable for use with the Tria Laser 4X. Due to variances in computer-monitor color renderings, the chart should not be used to determine suitability. Permanent results are defined as permanent reduction in hair re-growth defined as a long-term stable reduction in hair counts following a treatment method.
The shaver attachment is not extraordinary, it cannot be compared with a razor. There are women who just epilate in the summer and shave in the winter because they don’t have to shave that often in the cold months. When I was younger, I used to do that too because I was really lazy but I just like my skin looking smooth all year round so I’ve stopped switching between shaving and epilation.
Thanks for your comment. YES! Out of all of the Philips hair removal devices, the Philips Lumea SC1981/50 is one of my favorites. It’s one of Philips newer IPL devices and I really do like it, a lot and prefer it over many of the other Philips hair removal machines. I like the new design and the features are great and it does remove hair really well so yes, if you are looking at the Philips, then the SC1981/50 is very much a good product Gabby
Many modern epilators, such as the Braun Silk-Epil 9, have a built in rechargeable battery and are designed to be used either wet or dry. These types of devices are built to be used in or out of the shower or with an optional cream or gel. The use of a skin cream or gel is said to be helpful with reducing the pain and irritation associated with the dry use only devices.[6]
Thanks so much for the wonderful review, it has helped me immensely with trying to make my final decision as to which in home laser/ iPL system is right for me. I am so nervous at forking out a bunch of money for little or no results. I have fair skin and a mixture of light brown and blonde hair on my body, which one do you think will work best for me? Thanks so much!
I hope I’ve helped, that is the aim of the site The technology is safe to use at home, no need to spend a fortune at the salons anymore, thank goodness! Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have. The Tria for sure, if you have the money is the #1 machine for hair removal. They have also released a new machine called the p laser. That is worth a check too! Thx for your comment, Gabby.
I have spent years of electrolysis and plucking chin hairs. Now as I age even more hairs are coming in, so I bought this product. I couldn't figure out how to use it so I went to You Tube and found a competitor's video which helped immensely. I am still plucking the stiff regrowth from years of plucking. This product isn't strong enough for those, but it is getting newer hairs quite nicely. Shipping was fast. Product arrived as described with a bonus eyebrow razor. I like that razor.
“This is as close as you can get to a spa or salon professional wax at home," said Dr. Arash Akhavan, founder of The Dermatology and Laser Group in New York. "This wax shrink wraps each follicle to remove even the shortest, coarsest and most stubborn hair from the root so that skin stays smoother longer. The chamomile oil ingredient makes it gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, leaving skin soft without irritation. Be sure to apply the wax against the direction of the hair growth for shorter hair (bikini, lip, chin, cheeks and eyebrows), or with the direction of growth for longer hair (legs, arms and underarms).”
Many of these side effects are transitory and superficial in nature. All patients should expect a temporary alteration in the skin’s appearance that which will subside soon after treatment. The study cited that at least 97% of patients experience mild reddening and swelling following a laser hair removal session, with 81% experiencing pain as a result of treatment.
Laser hair removal treatments offer semi-permanent reduction of hair growth by using laser light to target the melanin in hair follicles. It’s important to remember the procedure is most effective on fair-skinned candidates with dark hair. This long-lasting method of hair removal, known as laser hair removal or IPL removal, destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. Does laser hair removal work? It can take up to six sessions to garner desired results, but results can be permanent.
We made choosing the top 5 laser hair removal machines depending upon the available technology, treatment duration, pulse speed, the size of flash, the size of the window, suitability for certain body areas, service comfort and also customer consumption. All of them meet up at these best products, and In this guide, we'll demystify these devices so you understand exactly what you're getting, and which product is the best option for your hair removal needs.

Update: This is the NEWEST product from Remington: FOR BOTH FACE & BODY HAIR REMOVAL: Unlike the device above, this new hair removal system from Remington is FDA approved for both face and body hair removal. It’s safe, effective and easy to use and provides up to 94% hair reduction in only 3 at home treatments. It comes with both a replaceable body and facial cap and comes with 65,000 pulses in each cartridge.

I still used it for my face. Well, its not new for me To pluck hair on my upper lips so I had no reaction but I wanted to try for my face again, as I tried in the past.. But I really get irruptions after … Its just thin hair so I never really removed it . should I keep doing that and eventually my skin will stop reacting or I should just leave it.? I’m not a big fan of pimples…thanks ill read ur post about this later.
How to use it: This hair removal cream works quickly; you could be hair-free in as little as five minutes. It's truly an amazing combination of powerful and gentle hair removal. You must read the instructions before using (especially on those sensitive parts of your body), but you can use it as often as you feel the need. Luckily, it comes in a pump bottle with a spatula for easy application and removal. If you still need assistance on the process for the easiest and best hair removal for men, we urge you to take a look at this video. (You may notice this vlogger is as serious about patch tests as we are!)
It is very simple to use this IPL device, simply set it to the lowest energy setting to start off with and you are ready to go. We recommend you stick to the energy level that the manufacturers advise for your skin tone to prevent injuries. If you aren’t sure however, there is the safety back-up of the built-in skin tone sensor which will only enable you to use it on suitable skin tones.
After using the gentle hair remover cream, you can use the extra care skin conditioning lotion to soothe and moisturize the skin. The kit is also enhanced by collagen and vitamin E to soften and smooth the skin, as well as willow herb and pumpkin seed extracts to reduce the appearance of hair regrowth. Many users found that the vanilla scent is much better than most other hair removal products.