2. A machine that will permanently remove body hair for ANY color body hair is the Tanda Me machine (see my review of this machine here) (or the newest 2014 model Tanda here). So the good thing with the Tanda machines is that for those lighter colored hairs that you mentioned on your chin, upper lip and sideburns, it will work, it is good to cover the areas of the body where the hair color changes. The only downside with the Tanda is that it’s not that effective as other machines such as the Tria (my review) which is the best for those darker hair that you mentioned. Anyway, hope that helps and hope I answered your questions in time before you leave. Thanks also for your lovely comment that you like the site, that’s really nice of you If you need any other help, let me know. Regards, Gabby

I have used this horrible product on my face to get rid of peach fuzz and let me tell you THIS WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! It ruined my skin! I get horrible breakouts now, before my skin was very nice, smooth, and i never broke out. After using this one time (which was 6 moths ago) the next day My face was covered with pimples and they will not go away!
First and foremost, keep the skin clean. Regular cleansing removes dirt, oil and product debris (like deodorant) from the skin surface. Surface clutter can affect shaving and potentially wear the blade faster. Depilatory creams may have to work longer to soften and dissolve the hair and increase the risk of skin burning. Cleansing is not simply limited to soap and water; wiping the region with alcohol is a sanitary measure to help keep bacteria minimized and prevent infection and breakouts. This is best for tweezing, waxing and sugaring because the hair bulb is pulled from the follicle, creating a porthole for bacterial infection. Advise the client to take caution using public pedicure baths with recirculating water, gym equipment, jacuzzis and saunas, and having sex after shaving and waxing. The opened follicles are more susceptible to bacterial infection. Tea tree oil after these services helps guard the skin from infection with its natural antibacterial properties.

If you’re a reasonable person who doesn’t regularly watch videos of hair removal for fun, let me first enlighten you to how exactly this contraption works. The Finishing Touch Flawless, $20, has a small 18-karat gold plated head with tiny slots that essentially slough off your hair while rotating, and while that sounds painful, you can’t feel anything. Apparently, the spacing of the slots were strategically measured to prevent redness or irritation. Still, after reading about it, I needed to see for myself. So I gave it a whirl.

Suitable for all skin types, this facial hair removal cream has a fresh tropical fragrance and removes all types of facial hair in just two minutes. It comes in a compact tube packaging which is easy to use and can be carried in any bag. The consistency of the cream is soft and it removes dark and coarse hair also. You can use it on any length of hair as it works on soft stubble as well as long hair. It can be used on sensitive skin also and leaves the skin soft and smooth without any redness.  It also makes your makeup look and feel smoother on the skin after you use the cream. It does leave a very mild irritation on the skin which subsides after a few hours but there are no other side effects. The cream is available in a single pack and a pack of three also if you want to buy 3 tubes together. The price of the product is very affordable as compared to the quantity.

I have uber sensitive skin. I have tried waxing only once before and my skin broke out in a very painful red bumpy rash. It took weeks to go away. I get really tired of shaving every other day in the summer in order to stay “bikini ready.” Is there a product (perhaps one of the ones you listed here or even a different waxing kit) that works well for sensitive skin? Thank so much!

Face shaving for ladies has gotten a bad rap in the past, since urban legend says you'll just develop thick, stubbly hair like men over time. But beauty titans like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were reportedly regular face shavers and even Skin Healthcare Experts founder Kate Somerville swears by dermaplaning (AKA running a blade along your face) with face razors like these. The gathered blades are primed to catch fine hairs and less likely to tug at your skin than a disposable razor.

TIP: as someone before pointed out, the instructions say to shave really close before using the Tria. I've found that if I leave a tiny bit of hair, like 1-2 mm, then it REALLY does a great job. It stings a little bit more, but I've found that it has been permanently killing about 20% of the hair follicles in one or two sessions with zero skin damage.
The good news is that you can treat large areas of the body quickly with Nair’s removal cream. It’s good for your legs, arms, chest and back hair, and you’ll like its pleasant-but-not-overpowering masculine scent. Do not, however, use it on your face, around the eyes, in your ears or note, around the nipples, or your genital area. That said, some men reportedly use it to remove hair from their scrotum. Our advice: proceed with caution.

Hey thanks for the wonderful article. I have a doubt actually I’ll be moving to US the next month and currently i am residing in India. I was planing to buy an epilator because waxing is a big task, as i have been waxing for many years on my own. Can u please suggest is it better to buy an epilator from India or US? Also which epilator would be best for me as I have facial hair and i was under laser treatment for a year but I couldn’t complete it because I have to leave so my doctor suggested me to buy a trimmer for the facial hair. So I wanted a package deal like the epilator for the whole body and trimmer for facial hair n bikini area(as i am scared to use an epilator there due to the pain because i have been shaving for a long time). I looked up online for some deal n I came across this model http://www.flipkart.com/philips-hp6548-epilator-bikini-trimmer-combo-pack-women/p/itme6ckur3zsvwca?pid=SHVE6CKTZ37HR3QT&otracker=reco_lp_historyFooter_na_na_3

Talk to your doctor if you have very sensitive skin, a skin condition, or take any medications that may affect your skin.[7] Because the cream is applied directly to the skin, the chemicals that break down the proteins in your hair will also interact with the proteins in your skin and could cause a reaction. Consult your doctor before using depilatory creams if:

There’s a good chance you’ve Googled “how to get rid of body hair” at some point in your life. While you’ve had shaving your face down since you hit puberty, it’s not as easy getting a smooth, ingrown hair-free shave elsewhere on your body: shaving your back requires a very unappreciated skillset, and it’s not uncommon for manscaping of any kind to end up in one too many uncomfortable nicks. But that’s where hair removal cream comes in.
Fast, efficient hair removal – with its 30mm (1.2 inch), extra wide epilator head and 32 catching points, the Satinelle Advanced will help you get rid of your unwanted hair in no time. It covers a larger area of your skin on a single stroke, meaning it grabs a greater number of hairs on the first pass yet doesn’t pull on your skin. This makes it efficient yet gentle.
All in all, much like lasers, plucking and shaving, there’s something you should know about hair removal creams. If you’re not careful, they’re going hurt. Some users have even reported blisters, skin discoloration and scarring, so it’s important to pay super-close attention to directions, and especially application times. Just because your upper lip hairs are more prickly than peach fuzz, you don’t want to leave this stuff on too long.
Now that you know the ins and outs of hair removal creams, it’s time to figure out which product is best for your needs. One plus about buying these products in 2017 is that the companies have worked hard over the years to ensure they not only smell much better than the ones you remember seeing years ago, but also make them much easier to apply. And because of the addition of moisturizers and other buffers into the ingredient list, they’re not nearly as harsh as they used to be, making it easy for you to remove your hair worry-free.
The head of this epilator is extra wide, which helps remove more hair in each pass. The head vibrates while in operation, which minimizes the pain that you might feel while epilating. The vibrations help massage and numb your skin. And finally, the Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 epilator head also pivots with your body. This helps keep the epilator head flat on your skin’s surface in trickier areas like under arms or behind knees.

Im pregnant and my somewhat hairy chin has now become a forest! The only way to rid myself of these black hairs was weekly waxing, yes, I said weekly. However the hot wax was reeking havoc on my skin, until now! I love, LOVE this product. I have been using it over a month. Whenever I have the need to get rid of facial hair I just use it sitting in bed at night and it works incredibly well! No more wax, or hours of tweezing. Honestly this product is an answer to prayer, I've got to stock up so I will have this perfect tool for the rest of my life! Note: I've done laser hair removal for 2 yrs., electrolysis, epilator, sugaring, waxing, cream hair removal. Of everything I have used to remove my unwanted dark chin hair, this is by far the most cost efficient, convenient and dependable way to remove hair. Thank you, thank you!
Yes ! Philips satinelle wet and dry is a no no no no… Oh but sorry I did not buy the * prestige * version, I only got that epilator in a blue version.(which I believe is the same) But thats why it cost me only around 80 Can $.and id pay 15$ for that. (Just because I could use it under water…while testing my patience) Maybe the good reviews about this epilator is from people that kept hair pretty long and were gonna try an epilator for the first time. Because… Its not good… It catches only long hair. And I think the reason why is because the head is made as while spinning, hair get stuck in it and it is supposed to get plucked.but it won’t happen…how can a super small hair get stock in it? Unless client only epilate once a month… I wouldn’t buy it and anyways buying a cheaper one from Braun ,20 tweezers just like I had, works better, then they can buy exfoliators and massaging device on the side and the price may end up cheaper anyways XD so that’s it… thank you for the advice! I really wanted the emjoi ap-18 but I’m stupid, I got the Braun se 9 … Because it was at a cheap price yesterday and I was scared to miss it. Also I saw u gave it a good review, u are also using it etc.but I should have wait for ur reply … I forgot that it wasn’t working while charging, last only 40 minutes unplugged. and I have so many places to epilate that I’m in a rush while using it . but it works super well at least. I was able to use it on total body.cons is I had to charge in the middle. ( ill see soon again, I was pretty hairy yesterday so it took me long. To pass over all my body. Next time should be faster ) ill try buying amjoi too tho… Ill see. Cuz I really want one now T T but my buget is getting tight!
I too have some older machines and I have the newest machines also. From my experience and from that of technology these days, the old machines just don’t do the same thing as the new ones. If you want quick, precise and longer lasting results (like actually being permanently rid of body hair!) you’ll prob need another machine, in saying that, the Silk’n Pro was a good machine it’s time We are talking about technology in the permanent hair removal world that has really advanced in the last 3 years…Look, the Tria is at the top at the moment and yes, a few women have concerns about it being too small for the legs. That’s granted but it’s still the best device out there so your looking at a device that will give the best results so the ‘head’ wont be such an issue after the first few sessions anyhow. Dark hair/pale skin, your an excellent candidate
Shaving. Gervaise Gerstner, a dermatologist who specializes in laser hair removal, swears by shaving her face. Shaving, or dermaplaning as it's sometimes called, is all the rage right now for hair removal, but it's also a key technique for exfoliation too. (Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were also huge fans of it back in the day for this very purpose.) To properly shave your face, Dr. Gerstner recommends using a regular, high-quality razor (you can also use a facial razor that looks straight-edge-like), apply some gentle cleanser instead of shaving cream, and then pull your upper lip tight over your teeth to avoid nicks. And no, the hair does not grow back in thicker. That's a complete myth, she says.Try: Gillette Venus Swirl Women's Razor, $10, target.com, which has two water-activated moisture strips for a smooth shave, and a flexible ball that connects the handle to the head of the razor to help it contour over every curve of your face, or upper lip, in this case.
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Thanks for the article. Good information. I think my main concern is pain and time. I just had back surgery so it is impossible to sit in a tub and shave(and I hate shaving anyway) so I need advice on which epilator would work best and fastest for dark coarse hair. I like the facial and sensitive area caps and I’m not as worried about price. What’s your suggestion? Thanks!
Get naturally smooth legs in as little as three minutes with this Nair Hair Removal Lotion. It has a thick, rich formula that removes hair while leaving your skin feeling soft. Add in a fresh cucumber fragrance and you have an ideal solution for smooth natural legs that last days longer than shaving. This hair removal cream for women has a fresh scent and is formulated with softening baby oil. It's dermatologist tested and can also be used for the underarms and bikini area.
Personally, the best hair removal machine for brazilian or hollywood style is either the Tria 4X Laser or the newest Tria Precision Laser (here) is actually designed for more of those sensitive areas of the body. Be careful though, keep on the lowest setting and do a test patch on your skin first. All of the manufactures of all the machines suggest not using on this area of the body. However, they do get used on these areas of the body by thousands of people. Thanks, Gabby

If you only want to use the epilator on your face, or if that is one of your key concerns, it is best to buy one which was designed specifically for use on the face. This is because body epilators can sometimes be too harsh on your more delicate facial skin. The Braun 851 is a great choice for epilating your face, and you get the added bonus of cleansing brushes in this kit.
This is one of the longest-lasting methods and generally requires 4 to 6 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. The laser beam or a light pulse works to destroy the hair bulb. Several different wavelengths of laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) are available for hair removal. Your doctor or healthcare professional will help you decide which one is right for you.
Do bear in mind though that whilst electrolysis is the only recognized way to prevent hair growth permanently, it certainly isn’t the most immediate solution to removing a few hairs, and can take some time. If you’ve got the patience though, or are looking to save time, money, and hassle in the future by permanently resolving persisting hair growth problems, then there is no better option than with electrolysis.
Unwanted hair is a common problem, for both men and women. Frequent hair removal tasks including shaving, depilatories, plucking, and waxing can be time-consuming, inconvenient and often painful. At best, these methods offer only temporary results. Free yourself from the constant need to shave and wax unwanted facial and body hair and feel your best. Laser technology has brought residents of Columbia, Lexington and nearby areas of South Carolina, a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair, leaving skin feeling smooth and healthy.
We're not here to get into that. Your body, your body hair, your business. So if you want to grow your armpit hair out and dye it purple, that's exactly what you should do. But if you might prefer to clean up the edges of your bikini line, cut down on that leg stubble or go full-on hairless, we're here to help. And if you want to do all of that without having to drop a ton of cash at the salon, try one of these at-home methods of hair removal.

Remember to check and double check our tips and tricks, and always read the instruction manual included whatever model you choose so that you can be sure that you’re using it properly. Also, keep in mind that not all products do what they promise, so if unsure always be sure to pick a model with a guarantee included, this way you’re insured against any shoddy designs.
A light tingling is normal while the depilatory is working. If you feel burning, your skin is either too sensitive, you're allergic to one of the ingredients, or you have left it on too long. In any case, take it off immediately and apply cool water. The hair is a much better look than red and scabby skin. Not to mention, an irritation can lead to​ having dry and tight skin.