Up The Salt:  Normally, the average diet is overloaded with salt, but a ketogenic diet eliminates refined and processed food and focuses on eating whole real food, so when you start keto you will naturally reduce salt intake, which reduces water retention. Since a low carb diet is naturally diuretic, there is no need to worry about water retention so feel free to put the salt back on the table!
Made this recipe for Valentines day and it was delicious! Followed directions exactly. The only difference I found was that it didn’t rise at all while cooking, not sure why. Also had oven on convection bake at 320 which after 50 minutes wasn’t cooked enough so adjusted setting to 320 regular bake for an additional 20 minutes. Thanks for a great recipe, will definitely make this again!

Despite advancements in self-care of patients with diabetes, DKA accounts for 14% of all hospital admissions of patients with diabetes and 16% of all diabetes-related fatalities. Almost 50% of diabetes-related admissions in young persons are related to DKA. DKA frequently is observed during the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and often indicates this diagnosis. While the exact incidence is not known, it is estimated to be 1 out of 2000.
My Husband and I started doing Keto July 2018. We got over weight after we got out of the Marine Corps. It has been hard to workout because I became disabled, but my diet was not good. After our friend Amber recommended your site and support group, we found a lot of helpful information to get us started on a successful journey. So far it’s been one month and we have lost 18 pounds each!
Ketogenic diets have become popular in recent decades for their demonstrated positive effects on weight loss (Bueno et al., 2013), though the precise mechanism of action is not fully understood (Paoli, 2014). In fact there is contradictory data about KD in mice and rats. In fact, there are contradictory data about KD in mice and rats. For example whilst a huge amount of data confirm that KD in humans is effective in weight reduction, improving lipidemia and glucose tolerance (Bueno et al., 2013), it has been recently demonstrated that a long-term KD (22 weeks) caused dyslipidemia, a pro-inflammatory state, hepatic steatosis, glucose intolerance and a reduction in beta and alpha cell mass, all without weight loss in mice (Ellenbroek et al., 2014). Two considerations should be made: (1) the induction of ketosis and the response to ketosis in humans and mice are quite different and (2) mice and humans have different life spans, and results obtained in mice after several weeks on the diet can correspond to months on the diet in humans (Demetrius, 2005, 2006).

I was waiting for the dreaded E word. Eggy. I also saw the dreaded S word. Spongy. I was just about to head to the store…but now I’m nervous. I’ve spent a lot of time and money over the years on “breads” and I guess I’m just sensitive to the egginess. Everything I’ve ever made, and I mean EVERYTHING ,looks, smells and tastes like eggs. And it ends up in the trash. I have yet to try fat head dough, though. I’m very concerned about the level of salt in this recipe. I blow up like a balloon, and I’m also overly sensitive to the taste of salt lately. Wish me luck, I’d really like to try it.
I found the same eggy issue. They were not fluffy and took forever to cook on each side without bubbles. Because they were turning quite brown, I flipped them before ready and they fell to mush. I lowered the temp for next batch and still over browned before I could flip. This is pretty much the first recipe fail I’ve ever had. I can’t figure out what I did wrong!!
A survey of 1,580 low-carb consumers published in late 2017 by the Journal of Insulin Resistance45 found that while more than 11% of respondents reported using sleep-aids before beginning their low-carb diet, less than 5% reported using them after their diet. Moreover, nearly seven in 10 reported improved quality of sleep after dieting while only 3.4% said their sleep quality had worsened.
Avoid falling into the common trap of assuming your body is not suited to the low-carb diet after just a few days, and instead, carefully monitor water and mineral intake particularly for the days/weeks it takes your body to adapt. Have a look online for some keto support groups if you have questions, and perhaps think about trying exogenous ketones, like HVMN Ketone. Exogenous ketones can give you an energy boost as beta-hydroxybutyrate without the need to take in carbs.
Phinney advises anyone trying the keto diet who doesn’t have high blood pressure to talk to their doctor about adding more sodium to their diet. The amount will vary depending on your health needs. Just know that the American Heart Association recommends no more than 2.3 gram (g) of salt daily for adults, including what is ingested in food, with an ideal limit of no more than 1.5 g.
Hi. Loved the article. I ran across this article when I found your pancake recipe. I am going on a cruise in 18 days. I started eating a high cal low carb diet a couple of days ago and noticed how similar it was to the Keto diet. So I said why not since I’m already kind of doing that. Then, I saw that you mentioned unusual periods and I am extremely worried that if I start the keto diet today, I might have my period while on my cruise and that is not going to be fun. What are your thoughts?
Hi! Mine did not turn out too well. BUT, I am new to trying to bake low carb substitutes. I usually just go without anything remotely like bread. I also didn’t have heavy cream so I used 1/2 and 1/2. The batter was lumpy and grainy and didn’t hold together. However, I read through the comments and saw many areas where I could improve my technique. I also think I cooked them too hot. So many fails for this newbie. I am going to try them again with sour cream and overall just being more careful. The best part was that I was going to manually add the recipe to my calorie tracking app but it was already in there! So great. Thank you.
Stock up: Jet.com's new City Grocery service (available in select markets) makes it easy to ensure you always have keto-friendly veggies in the fridge. We love their delivery scheduling tool; simply fill your cart, then decide which day and timeframe you'd like your groceries delivered. One of our faves: Urban Roots Green Squash Veggie Noodles are great for whipping up low-carb "pasta" dishes.
Info: You can buy the products I’ve linked to in the post above from Thrive Market. Thrive Market is an US based online store that sells all the products you need for low carb cooking at wholesale prices! If you become a member, you can get 25-50% off the best healthy and organic premium products for just $60/year. Click here to join and receive an extra 25% off your first order!
Another reason why cream cheese is so valuable for ketogenic dieters is that it provides us with many health-promoting nutrients. For starters, cream cheese contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than many of the other popular types of cheese. CLA is a type of fatty acid that appears to have several health benefits and may promote weight loss in overweight individuals. Furthermore, cream cheese also provides us with vital minerals like calcium, zinc, and selenium, and vitamins B2, B12, A, and K2. Each one of these micronutrients is essential for maintaining the healthy function of the organs throughout the body. Without consuming them in adequate amounts, we become vulnerable to chronic disease and infection.
Hi Mika, Sorry it didn’t work for you, but it sounds like what you did has different ratios than the recipe. It doesn’t really round out evenly to 6 or 9 servings unfortunately. I haven’t experienced the texture you are describing but have never tried it with those ratios. If they are dry for you, you could try replacing some of the milk with melted butter or a neutral heat-safe oil (like avocado or coconut oil). Adding more vanilla or some add-ins (like blueberries or chocolate chips) can also help.
I’m sorry to say this, but it is very misleading when you say “healthy carbs, not sugar or starchy carbs”. Starchy carbs have been scientifically proven to be some of the healthiest foods we can eat. Societies with the healthiest individuals and the most centenarians eat a diet that is over 80% starchy carbs. In our Western world we are so confused about what is actually healthy. We have the highest rates of heart disease and cancer. People don’t seem to relate that to diet, but we are what we eat, and that is very clear to whoever wants to pay a little bit of attention.
After months of overindulging, January typically arrives with a slew of guilt and a waistband that is screaming for mercy. Since many people turn to a low carb lifestyle to get their sugar cravings under control and lose those extra pounds, I thought I’d devote this week to some of my favorite low carb recipes – starting with these delicious low carb cream cheese pancakes.
Not sure why, but my waffles came out pretty flat. On a positive note, I really don’t care, LOL. I was making these to use as a bread substitute anyway. I had left out the extracts and only used half the sugar substitute. Just had a tuna sandwich (used 1 waffle, cut in half). YUMMY!!! I’m seeing lots of possibilities with these. I think I’ll make a savory version with Italian seasonings to use as an individual pizza base. So quick and easy compared to a lot of Keto recipes out there.
Ketorolac is used for the short-term relief of moderately severe pain and should not be used for longer than 5 days, for mild pain, or for pain from chronic (long-term) conditions. You will receive your first doses of ketorolac by intravenous (into a vein) or intramuscular (into a muscle) injection in a hospital or medical office. After that, your doctor may choose to continue your treatment with oral ketorolac. You must stop taking oral ketorolac on the fifth day after you received your first ketorolac injection. Talk to your doctor if you still have pain after 5 days or if your pain is not controlled with this medication. Ketorolac may cause serious side effects, especially when taken improperly. Take ketorolac exactly as directed. Do not take more of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.
One proposed benefit of the ketogenic diet is that you may lose more weight compared with other diets. One study of 17 obese men found that a high-protein, low-carb ketogenic diet over a four-week period helped reduce hunger, resulting in lower food intake and more weight loss compared with a high-protein, medium-carbohydrate nonketogenic diet. (3)
If you have been following along with our recipes lately, you might have noticed that we’ve published some recipes tagged as “Keto”. While we are not totally following a Ketogenic diet ourselves, we recognize that the number of people following the diet has grown significantly and there is some overlap with Paleo, Whole30 and Keto recipes (sometimes).
Hi Tony, It depends on the brand of stevia. Pure stevia powder would be too concentrated and you’d be missing the bulk of the sweetener since you’d need so much less of pure stevia. If you use a stevia blend that contains another sweetener as a filler, that would work, and the amount depends on the brand. I have a sweetener guide here. For a nut-free flour, you can use ground sunflower seeds, but you’d taste the flavor of them in the cookies.
You may have heard by now that I finally wrote and published a “real” book called Keto for Life!!!  The reviews are in and people are loving it!  Already a best seller, you can learn more about what you’ll find inside Keto for Life by clicking here!  OR head over to Amazon to check out the reviews of Keto for Life before snagging a copy for yourself!
If there’s one thing keto dieters miss when they're trying to enjoy brunch, it’s those damn roasted potatoes. Yet you can dig into these "potatoes"—a.k.a. turnips—by Cast Iron Keto. They have so much flavor from paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper and only 4 grams of net carbs—you won’t even miss the real thing. Pair with eggs, fish, or meat for extra protein, and you’re set. (Though there is some bacon already!)
In other words, I personally found that while following “strict ketosis”, things became eerily similar to the days in college when I was a competitive bodybuilder pursuing sub-3% body fat percentages. I simply wasn’t the most fun guy to hang out with in social situations due to my extreme dietary restrictions, the intense self-control became nearly exhausting, and when I traveled, I missed out on many culinary experiences, such as homemade ravioli in Rome, freshly baked crostinis in the Basque regions of Spain, and Korean rice bowls in Seoul.

We can say that no species, including humans, could have survived for millions of years without the ability to withstand brief periods of hunger or starvation (Amen-Ra, 2006). These periods of fasting are themselves ketogenic (McCue, 2010) during which the concentrations of insulin and glucose decrease while that of glucagon increases in the attempt to maintain normal blood glucose levels. When the body passes from a condition of food abundance to one of deprivation (or else via VLCKD simulated deprivation), there is, with a slight delay, an increase in the concentration of free FAs as well as KB in the blood. Thus, from this point of view KD could be compared to caloric restriction for fasting. These manipulations of nutrients, both in quantity and quality, seem to not only act on blood glucose/KB level but also to promote changes in metabolic pathways and cellular signaling. How this kind of metabolic condition (ketosis) can affect satiety and hunger mechanisms is still a matter of debate.

Made the recipe in silicon muffin/bar pans (set on edged sheet trays with about an inch of water bath) knowing my husband and I wouldn’t (or shouldn’t?) eat an entire cheesecake. The recipe made 12 muffins and 8 bars. I reduced the cooking time to 45 minutes and flash froze them for about 30 minutes in the silicon pans on the sheet tray after pouring off the water bath to ease release. Kept some frozen for later and left the others in the fridge where they softened overnight to perfection. Weeks of cheesecake? Oh my!!
Adverse reaction rates increase with higher doses of TORADOL (ketorolac tromethamine) . Practitioners should be alert for the severe complications of treatment with TORADOL (ketorolac tromethamine) , such as GI ulceration, bleeding and perforation, postoperative bleeding, acute renal failure, anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions and liver failure (see BOXED WARNING, WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, and DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION). These NSAID-related complications can be serious in certain patients for whom TORADOL (ketorolac tromethamine) is indicated, especially when the drug is used inappropriately.
At first glance, the keto diet can seem like an excuse to go totally nuts on all the fats. But it’s not just about quantity—consuming quality fat matters just as much, if not more. Be discerning about what types of fat you’re putting in your body, focusing foremost on monounsaturated fats and MCTs, good amounts of saturated fats, and moderate portions of polyunsaturated fats.
My family absolutely loved this recipe! Your directions are easy to follow and although I had a blender, decided to use my hand mixer instead and I’m glad I did because the mixture was so thick and creamy, that I think my blender’s motor would have burned out ;0) For my sweetener I used powdered xylitol (which I make myself) and baked the cheesecake in a 9 inch spring form pan. Anything smaller than a 9 inch pan and the mix might have flowed overboard…but now that I think about it, I could have made extra cheesecake goodies from it then couldn’t I? I also baked using a water bath so that the cheesecake would rise nicely and not crack and it succeeded on both counts. I made the lemon cheesecake yesterday and pulled it out of the refrigerator this afternoon after making some whipped cream to top off this divine dessert. The flavor reminds me of a delicate lemon chiffon mousse that’s simply scrumptious. Thank you, thank you, thank you and keep dreaming up these wonderful low carb creations!
One cup sliced cucumbers and 10 large olives makes for a great keto-friendly snack, with added benefits: “This is a great snack to help people in ketosis supplement their sodium levels." says Desiree Nielsen, R.D., author of Un-Junk Your Diet. When you're in ketosis, your body needs more sodium, and “without adequate sodium, people are at risk for dehydration, constipation, and more dangerous electrolyte imbalances," she adds.
Hi Cyanline, There are lots of comments below the recipe card, many of them being reviews from people that have made them. I don’t think they taste eggy but you could replace some (not all) of the eggs with just egg whites if you’re sensitive to that. I mentioned more details on that in another comment (search the page for “egg white”). They don’t have a noticeable texture from coconut flour since it’s mixed with almond flour. Hope you’ll give them a try!
Thank you Carolyn, this was a great cheesecake. I really like the addition of butter. We’re fans of dense cheesecake–in our house, the only time the words “cheesecake” and “fluffy” go together is if the word “not” is between them 😁–and in so many years of cheesecake experimentation I never thought to add butter to help add body and solidity! Such a great idea. Pretty sure I’ll be making cheesecake like this from now on. I confess, I didn’t use a water bath. No matter how carefully I’ve wrapped the pan, I have never once used a water bath and produced a cheesecake that wasn’t waterlogged. So I put a pan of water on the lower oven rack. My cake cracked, but my husband and I didn’t care. And the berry sauce…I used strawberries. Best berry sauce ever! No thickener needed! Lovely, pure flavor and texture! Just excellent. Five stars well-earned.
Hi Dave, Thank you for sharing so that I can improve on the instructions. By neutral tasting oil I meant a liquid oil, not a solid one like coconut oil. I can definitely see the oil solidifying causing a problem. I hope you’ll try it again with avocado oil, or if you want to use coconut, it needs to be refined coconut oil (the kind that is liquid at room temperature).
The pathogenesis and treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis has been discussed. Insulin deficiency leads to increased rates of hepatic ketogenesis and gluconeogenesis with resultant hyperglycemia and ketonemia. Treatment consists of insulin and fluid replacement. Insulin therapy is titrated against the change in blood glucose concentration. Isotonic saline is the initial replacement fluid, and potassium is administered as required. Bicarbonate is employed in extreme acidosis, but its administration may contribute to the development of hypokalemia, CSF acidosis, and tissue hypoxia. It is hoped that a better understanding of the biochemical basis of ketoacidosis will permit the physician to develop a rational therapeutic regimen which will decrease the mortality associated with this condition.
Hi Kenda, I’m so glad you both liked them! I’ve never experienced a numbness, does it by chance feel “minty”? If so, you might be sensitive to erythritol which can cause a cooling sensation. It’s very rare for this to happen in such small amounts, but it’s the only thing I can think of. You can try a different sweetener to see if that makes it go away?

I’ve done keto off and one for about the past year and lost about 20 lbs. You may feel a little tired and have some body aches (keto flu) for a few days but after that you’ll feel amazing! I hardly feel hungry once I’m in ketosis, and I often have to remind myself to eat something. If you’re thinking about it, I would recommend doing some research before you jump in. There are ways to reduce symptoms of the keto flu and it’s good to understand the science behind what is happening to your body. I recently convinced my husband to join me and he loves it! He lost 7lbs in two weeks, and wants to keep going. Good luck!

Chocolate and avocados are a strangely fantastic combination. Adding avocado to dessert-type recipes gives them a smooth, silky texture without a pronounced flavor. That’s certainly the case with this pudding, which is crazy easy to make. Just add cocoa powder, avocado, stevia, vanilla extract and salt to a bowl and mix. Easy? Yes. Tasty? Also yes.
OMG, How can you NOT like these :) I made them a couple of weeks ago, and now this week, after being a little piggy for a few days and needing to get back on track, I’ve had them for breakfast 3 days in a row! They are delicious. I make a syrup with Splenda (couldn’t find the recipe this morning for that though — I had made a batch last week and kept it in the fridge) and I feel like I’m cheating every time I eat them! I eat all 4, but then I’m doing low carb so I don’t care about the fat. These fill me up for hours and are my new guilty pleasure. So glad I found your recipe. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Love this! So glad I found you! Your menus are great, you make it easy with the shopping lists, (now if I could just find someone to do the shopping for me ;-)) I usually fall off the wagon to easy, my usual excuse not knowing what to make, but with your menus and lists it gives me no excuse. I just started and am anxious to see how it goes. I have also started my exercise again!
I just found your website through Pinterest and bought every thing for keto kickstart and week one. While I havent made everything on plan to a tee, I have been strick low carb. I am excited to say as of 6 days in I am down 4 lbs!! That is motivation enough for me to keep going. I did low carb back in 2009 and lost 30lbs. Over th past 4 years it has slowly crept back on. I am excited to use youe menus as gude to my future weight loss. Thank you

Hi Kenda, I’m so glad you both liked them! I’ve never experienced a numbness, does it by chance feel “minty”? If so, you might be sensitive to erythritol which can cause a cooling sensation. It’s very rare for this to happen in such small amounts, but it’s the only thing I can think of. You can try a different sweetener to see if that makes it go away?

I must admit that when I read all the comments for this recipe I was so nervous to try it even though I’ve been hand-kneeding and baking my own breads without a recipe (an ancient family tradition) for over 20 years. Since I don’t have any background in gluten-free baking but recently changed to a low-carb lifestyle, I didn’t know what to expect. I noticed that a lot of people seemed to have issues with the proofing and resting of the bread dough. In order to eliminate the possibility of this happening, and since I know I understand yeast proofing really well, and knew that I won’t have an issue with dead yeast, I made sure that my kitchen temperature would be really warm so I placed a space heater on my kitchen counter facing the yeast and then later the dough as it rested. In the end, the bread turned out near perfect. The smell and taste was fabulous. The only thing I can say is that my bread pan is a 9X5 so next time I will make 1.5 the recipe. Otherwise, all I can say is this recipe is a winner!!!!
Miss Mellissa…. I was doing *so well* with keto eating last summer and dropped some weight, but all the old (bad, bad) habits started sneaking in and I’m in one heck of a pickle. Just wanted to say “thanks” for this jump-start… Hopefully this will help me remember what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing. Got a long slog ahead of me, but I have hope I can make it. Your site is so, so helpful, and I really appreciate all you do. Thank you.
It’s probably keto flu, make sure you’re drinking lots of water – get plenty of sodium, magnesium supplements and lite salt (potassium) are also helpful. It should only last another day or two until your body adjusts, but if you feel really bad then don’t push it or check with your doctor because something else could be wrong with you. Hope you feel better soon!
Also, consider making your own broth! It’s very simple and gives some awesome results. When you make your own food, you know exactly what’s going in and what you’ll get out. The nutrition facts will be exact and you know there are no hidden flavors, preservatives, chemicals or toxins. We like to make bone broth with beef bone marrow; it’s full of collagen, gelatin, protein, vitamins and minerals. It tastes amazing and is super versatile. All the goodies within it are sure to keep the keto flu at bay.
In ketosis, headaches can occur due to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. With low insulin levels, the kidneys go into a diuretic state, so potassium, water, and sodium are excreted. A silver lining here is the loss of excess water weight with the decrease of stored water in the body. Conversely, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance are the reasons for many keto flu symptoms. Monitor salt and water intake while on keto, and consider supplementing with electrolytes.
No-sugar diet plan: What you need to know Eliminating sugar from the diet can help prevent weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other problems. Whether cutting sugar out of the diet completely or simply cutting back, we have eight important tips for following a no-sugar diet, and some advice about fruits and other natural foods that contain sugar. Read now
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