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Hi Maria! I would stick to the recommended amount of xanthin as yes, your ice cream will turn into slime otherwise 🙈 The chocolate ice cream in the video will also be significantly thicker than the vanilla because of the added cocoa powder (I also made it extra dark, so if you followed the lower amount of cocoa it definitely wouldn’t be as thick). I hope this helped!
Lifestyle determines length and severity of the keto flu for the individual, with symptoms likely greater for individuals who ate a high-carb diet previously. Even during transition, the symptoms can be alleviated if treated smartly. A well-formulated low-carb diet can progress without significant symptoms if the common mistakes of poor mineral intake, lack of fiber, electrolyte imbalance, and dehydration are addressed.

Hi, I just made this. 🙂 I used Stevia In The Raw & I added a extra ounce of SITR for the crust bc I did a test & cooked some in a muffin cup & it wasn’t sweet at all. I also used 1 Tbl of pure vanilla in the crust, 1 tsp tasted weak. I used 2 TBL vanilla for the filling. I also used 1 TBL fresh lime juice. I cooked the crust for 15 mins to brown it + 1 min under the broiler. The cheesecake baked for 53 min. It’s cooling now. It looks great! The total time it took to make & bake it was 2 hours & 8 mins. Not including cooling. THANKS!
Hypokalemia prevention requires replacement of 20 to 30 mEq potassium in each liter of IV fluid to keep serum potassium between 4 and 5 mEq/L (4 and 5 mmol/L). If serum potassium is < 3.3 mEq/L (3.3 mmol/L), insulin should be withheld and potassium given at 40 mEq/h until serum potassium is ≥ 3.3 mEq/L (3.3 mmol/L); if serum potassium is > 5 mEq/L (5 mmol/L), potassium supplementation can be withheld.
There are also some (unproven) claims that a ketogenic diet can help improve cognitive function. One of the most controversial claims was made by the medical doctor Mary Newport, who said that she cured her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease by giving him several spoonfuls of coconut oil daily over a five-year period while lowering his carbohydrate intake.
The consistency was similar to the Multigrain pancakes at cracker barrel. But honestly I feel it may have been too much baking powder for my taste. It had a bitter bite at the end of each bite. I was able to make 6 pancakes by using 3 tbsp per pancake. I used bobs red mill almond flour and kroger cream cheese. Placing the net carbs at 6 for 3 pancakes. The fat was good especially after adding tbsp of butter to top. But for the carbs, I am not sure it’s worth it. It just doesn’t feel like much food for 1/3 of my daily carbs :/
Hi Ben – Great article. I had trouble at the end figuring out if you were now eating high fat (60-80% of calories), or if you went back to something closer to 50% fat calories and higher carbs and are using exogenous ketones to get int ketosis when needed. Are you doing any carbs at night or a refeed, or just having higher carbs on most days? Thanks
DKA is diagnosed by an arterial pH < 7.30 with an anion gap > 12 (see Acid-Base Disorders : Calculation of the anion gap) and serum ketones in the presence of hyperglycemia. A presumptive diagnosis can be made when urine glucose and ketones are strongly positive. Urine test strips and some assays for serum ketones may underestimate the degree of ketosis because they detect acetoacetic acid and not beta-hydroxybutyric acid, which is usually the predominant ketoacid.
What makes one recipe more popular than another? I have to be honest, after almost 9 years of blogging and creating low carb recipes, I am not really sure I know why one will go crazy viral and another will meet with less enthusiasm. Some of it is timing, some of it is up to the strange and unknowable algorithms of Google and Facebook. And some of it is just plain luck.
Made this recipe for Valentines day and it was delicious! Followed directions exactly. The only difference I found was that it didn’t rise at all while cooking, not sure why. Also had oven on convection bake at 320 which after 50 minutes wasn’t cooked enough so adjusted setting to 320 regular bake for an additional 20 minutes. Thanks for a great recipe, will definitely make this again!

Breakfast can be one of the hardest meals to plan when you are following a keto diet as a vegan. Though sweet breakfasts like vegan pancakes or keto protein smoothies can be a great option, sometimes you might crave a savory traditional breakfast like scrambled eggs. With a little creative cooking and a few seasonings, you can whip up a tasty, vegan version of scrambled eggs in a matter of minutes!The base of this recipe uses firm tofu seasoned with nutritional yeast for a “cheese-like” ...

Well, I managed to get to the store and get a few things to fire up this kickstart. I made the pudding today and it was a bit tangy so I decided to turn it into the Mousse instead. It was awesome and even though this is officially the 2nd day, I was ready for something chocolaty. I happened to have Hershey’s cocoa powder on hand, but I was wondering what “premium” powder you normally use? I have more questions building up, but I have not read the above questions yet. You may have answered them. This was more to tell you how much I liked the Mousse. I tried tofu mousse once and it was an epic fail!
Ugh! It’s been an hour and it doesn’t look like my bread has hardly risen at all. I haven’t made any substitutions, my yeast was good, etc. I currently live in Italy, so it’s plenty warm here today. I’ve now warmed my oven up a bit, turned it off, and have the dough in there to see if I can get any kind of rise out of it before trying to cook. Fingers crossed!

I’m sorry you find that confusing, but it says right above the serving size of one that the recipe yields four 6 inch pancakes. So simply divide by four. Not everybody gets 4 small pancakes per batch every time though. Sometimes I make two really big ones, sometimes I get three medium, etc. So for me to change it to calories per pancake when every person makes them different would, in my opinion, be even more confusing than posting it per batch and letting each person do the math depending on how many pancakes they get out of one batch of batter.
I should report that my first two times making this I swapped out coconut flour for almond flour. I did not make any changes to the amount, so I used 4tbsp of almond. I also used 10 drops of liquid stevia/vanilla instead of the vanilla and sweeter separate. I recently used the coconut flour and as anticipated it was much thicker. I like this recipe with the almond flour better for ease of knowing when to flip and that it makes more due to being runnier. Had I not used almond flour, I still would love the recipe.
I specially created this recipe ‘The Best Keto Bread’ for those of you who are trying a new way of eating, or have been enjoying that lifestyle for a time now, but are longing for the foods you might have had before. From avocado toast to french toast and sandwiches, this bread is the perfect way to keep on enjoying light fluffy bread and rolls without undoing all the work you might have put into your ketogenic lifestyle. But it isn’t only for those with an alternative diets.
I was hoping this was going to be the best ever low carb ice cream because I went to so much trouble preparing it, condensing and whipping the cream. The taste was so yummy before I combined he whipped cream. The consistency after it was frozen was like frozen whipped cream not Ice cream. I didn’t have MCT to use. Would that have changed it? Would using Almond Milk or Cashew Milk for part of it make it more dense instead of fluffy?
Well said. Additionally, the conspiracy theorist in me wonders how many visits to the doctor are diet related? How many huge businesses rely on people consuming grains to pad their bank account? You’ll never hear anyone of note truly pushing ketogenic diets….too many people’s livelihoods depend on us consuming grains. Feel bad for the agriculture market.
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Just made my 3rd loaf. My technique has been improving each time so I am getting a better result! I had never baked anything before like this and there is an art involved. But the deliciousness has never been absent… the mixture of these ingredients has been amazing. Just going from Salvador Dali bread to Leonardo Divinci for style is the new goal!

Chocolate, coffee, and cheesecake, they all taste amazing on their own — but what would happen if you combine them all together? It’s everything that you hope it would be. The coffee enhances the chocolate flavor, while it simultaneously brings a nice rich flavor to the cheesecake. As an added bonus, you will get an energy boost while you treat your body to the benefits of cocoa powder.

^ Klein MS, Buttchereit N, Miemczyk SP, Immervoll AK, Louis C, Wiedemann S, Junge W, Thaller G, Oefner PJ, Gronwald W (February 2012). "NMR metabolomic analysis of dairy cows reveals milk glycerophosphocholine to phosphocholine ratio as prognostic biomarker for risk of ketosis". Journal of Proteome Research. 11 (2): 1373–81. doi:10.1021/pr201017n. PMID 22098372.

Rick, Yes, I would try baking it longer if it’s coming out gummy. If it’s starting to brown too much outside, but the inside doesn’t seem to be fully cooked, you could cover it with foil to prevent over-browning. Another trick I sometimes use is to leave the bread in the oven to cool once it’s done baking (sometimes covering the loaf with foil to prevent over-browning). I hope these tips help!
Based on single-dose data only, the half-life of the ketorolac tromethamine racemate increased from 5 to 7 hours in the elderly (65 to 78 years) compared with young healthy volunteers (24 to 35 years) (see Table 2). There was little difference in the Cmax for the two groups (elderly, 2.52 μg/mL ± 0.77; young, 2.99 μg/mL ± 1.03) (see PRECAUTIONS: Geriatric Use).
Fascinating stuff and I am quite curious how we know for certain one is actually in ketosis i.e. using ketones as primary fuel source BECAUSE we do know that glucose has a shorter metabolic pathway to burn and under most conditions, given the presence of glucose, that is what the body will default to which is why high fat and high sugar together in diet is so detrimental. So if we use one or more of the above “boosters” and show high levels of blood ketones but also highish levels of glucose (during initial transition) will be mostly burning ketones or still defaulting to glucose?
Hi Jason, could it be possible that your freezer temperature is too cold? There should be a temperature dial in there and typically somewhere in the middle works best. If you like yours cold, stirring a few times during the initial freezing process can help it harden less. Otherwise, I’ve heard that an ice cream maker leads to a better texture than no churn ice cream (even with no churn recipes), so that could be an option to try if nothing else works for you. Hope this helps!
Take coconut oil for example. The coconut oil industry loves to market the idea that relatively inexpensive and abundant coconut oil is a great source of MCTs because it’s “62% MCT oil”, but the problem is that studies show you can’t get many useful ketogenic MCT’s from just eating coconut oil or even most brands of “MCT oil”, which are often is diluted with lauric acid, a cheap, hugely abundant part of coconut oil that is typically marketed as an MCT oil.
After 2 years in ketosis suddenly I find my blood glucose has risen to high levels even while in ketosis. I thought it was the dawn phenomenon, stress hormones like cortisol but now I am beginning to think I am eating too many exongenous keytones like too much MCT oil? I am not taking exogenous keytone supplements but wondering if too much oil/ fat in the diet generates exogenous keytones which inhibits the livers production of endogenous keytones. I have read if the liver is producing endogenous keytones it is not at the same time producing glucose through gluconeogenisis?
Proof the yeast. This involves mixing dry active yeast with water that’s just warm to touch (between 105-110°F to be precise) and maple syrup or honey for 7 minutes until foamy. And before you scream sugar (!!) remember that the yeast will feed on such sugar to emit carbon dioxide, so it doesn’t affect the carb count at all. And yes, this is a scientific fact.
I’m putting together recipes for my sister-in-law, who can’t have dairy on her Keto journey. Would it be okay to double the almond milk to cut out the heavy cream? I don’t know if she is allergic to coconut cream, but let’s assume she is, so what would be the best alternative to heavy cream? I’ve seen some places state that they can be swapped 1:1, however, almond milk tends to not be as thick as heavy cream. Suggestions?

OMG!!! I just found your site today. I’m in love with all the recipes already. I made these just now for lunch. I couldn’t wait for breakfast tomorrow…lol. These are excellent. I actually made 2 batches. One I made just as written. The other was an experiment… I had made a batch of homemade mascarpone yesterday. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, I just thought the idea of trying it was cool. The batter using the mascarpone was a tad bit thinner, but still very tasty. The mascarpone was softer than the cream cheese so it was no surprise there.
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Wondering what fits into a keto diet — and what doesn’t? “It’s so important to know what foods you’ll be eating before you start, and how to incorporate more fats into your diet,” says Kristen Mancinelli, RD, author of The Ketogenic Diet: A Scientifically Proven Approach to Fast, Healthy Weight Loss, who is based in New York City. We asked her for some guidelines.